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    Double dissociation of single-interval and rhythmic temporal prediction in cerebellar degeneration and Parkinson’s disease

    This is technobabble and I hope to find something else on the subject soon, but its too hot not to spit it out now. What they've discovered is that the primitive brain and frontal brain produce their own rhythms and decide between them how to keep track of time. Our primitive brain could have any number of biological mechanisms for keeping time and use those to help the frontal brain focus on anything. For example, if you want to dance, how these two coordinate and synchronize would mean everything, and the two can operate like FM radio transceivers that can compare their brain waves for subtle differentials.

    Brain waves are faster than other ways of communicating within the brain, but convey less information, and there has been a concerted effort to find the brainwaves that coordinate everything. Once they have the clocks figured out, the rest should fall into place and they should be able to comprehend brain waves like never before, and make much more sense out of the brain in general. Neurologists have a wealth of information about how the different parts of the brain work, but need a better global perspective that this should produce.

  2. No dude, thats not what its about.

    And on this occasion you have provided a link to a paper that hasnt been released yet, requires a paid subscription.

    Which means you didnt even read it
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    What exactly is Brian`s Clock ? Can you point out some most typical features of the thing? Thank you )
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    Circadian rhythms are probably the best example.

    Typical features include the wake/sleep cycle, eating schedule, basically alot of behaviors involving routine which are influenced by autonomic processes.
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    I don't need a brain to tell me what time it is.
    If I want to know what time it is, I just pop my head out the window.

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    Did Anybody Else Read The Topic As "Brains..........Ohhhhh Nevermind.....:blush:

    Cheers Glen.
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    Ain't many folk round ere got much if any of them. :p

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