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    The totals are in for the 2004 Davis Whole Earth Festival (three days, ca.30,000 people)

    Of the 11,970 lb (24 cu. yards) of refuse generated at the Festival:

    8,420 lb (70.3%) or 24 cu. yards (32.4%) was composted
    2,010 lb (16.8%) or 20 cu. yards (27.0%) was recycleable cans, glass, etc.
    1,120 lb (_9.4%) or 24 cu. yards (32.4%) was cardboard (recycled of course)
    420 lb. (3.5%) or 6 cu. yards (8.1%) ended up in the land fill.

    That is a waste diversion rate of 96.5% by weight (91.9% by volume).

    How did you're last event deal with its waste?

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