boycott richard gere films: gross violation of hindu decency laws

Discussion in 'Hinduism' started by ChiefCowpie, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Many commentators had subsequently expressed their unhappiness at what they said were fringe groups making a mountain of a harmless peck on the cheek.


    Sums it up for me.
  3. Jedi

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    The man is trying to do some good for the society and people. stop pestering him. If shetty wants to go to court over this then it is her affair, what do these other groups have against this man?
  4. philuk

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    by Hindu vigilante groups, who saw it as an outrage against her modesty


    I also grow tired of this type of opinion, seems to have more to do with personal/group/national egotism and pride than anything else. They see a woman as a personal possession or something, and you hear of fathers killing their daughters for doing anything that causes shame or what not.



    On August 15, 2004, 16-year-old Atefeh Rajabi was hung to death from a crane in the main square of Neka, Iran in front of the town's people to keep "society safe from acts against public morality."

    She was charged with allegedly having sex with an older man and, in the words of the judge, she had 'a sharp tongue.' The judge put the noose around her neck. After the execution, the town governor sent the judge a letter of congratulations.

    An orphan, Atefeh "suffered years of brutal violence, exploitation and torture in the hands of relatives, local officials and plain strangers, and in a country where girls are the most vulnerable members of society, she had no one to go to for help."

    Atefeh’s mother died when she was a child. Her father, an unemployed drug addict, abandoned her.

    *Quoted information is from Iran Focus.
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    Richard Gere is a buddhist, and loves India, which is the land of the Buddha, and which is his fatherland.

    He had been many times in India to promote awareness of Aids, and he is very passionate about helping India in this matter.

    I don't think he has done anything outrageous, just a few pecks on the cheek(not even french kiss). And knowing gere, I think this is a publicity stunt by Gere to attract attention to the AIDS awareness programme. And it sure worked, because it became headlines in the next days newspapers, with millions reading about the AIDS programme and how it is affecting India and the world .

    Thank you Richard Gere, thanks a lot.
  6. Grim

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    What outrages some people doesn't outrage me, so I see no reason to boycott this.
    If some group somewhere finds it terribly unacceptable, they don't have to watch it.
  7. Jedi

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    Hinduism does not account for the stupidity of some people. I feel very sorry for you, if you want to think so OR if you link hinduism with stupidity of some people.

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