boy+boy: First time... ??? please share

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by paintitblack, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. paintitblack

    paintitblack Member

    Hey, I have a question for boys (gay,bi or even straight, if you have some homosexual experiences) :) actually i would really like to know about your first homosexual experiences. i would be soooo happy, please share this with me. anything from the first kiss to going all the way with a guy.
    just curious :)
  2. Alternative_Thinker

    Alternative_Thinker Darth Mysterious

    Mutual masturbation when my then-friend and I were...10 or 11, I think. We each had a dry orgasm. That was fun, lol.
  3. I am a bit ashamed to tell you about my one-time homosexual experience, although it was not that bad really.
  4. paintitblack

    paintitblack Member

    Tell Me :) please ...
  5. It started with a kiss.... whilst drunk ofcourse. ;)
  6. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    and what did it end with? :X
  7. Well I suppose I can be honest - I'm 100% heterosexual but when I was like 10ish I was curious about sex and no girls were showing me their little vaginas. One day I was at a friends and he wanted to do some stuff so we pulled our our dicks in his room and um, lol I actually forgot what happened. No sex though, and no ejaculation. It was stupid pre-pubescent stuff.

    Anyway, after that I was embarassed and told my parents what happened LOL and that frienship went into the shitter.

    After that, I was already on the right track and thinking about pussy :)
  8. i've actually never done anything with another guy. this one girl once tried to convince me i should kiss another guy, but shrug, i don't know. what would the point be? but, do most girls find the thought of guy+guy hot? or is it just the occasional one? from what i've found in my travels, most girls don't find that thought too attractive, but, maybe hippy chicks are different. lol.
  9. Ryvr

    Ryvr Member

    My first kiss with a boy was with a flamer named Christopher my freshman year at college. We also got shirts off and fondled some, but then he became "guilty because of his girlfriend." But you should have heard the lisp he said *that* with.
  10. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    I do, at least from kissing to oral sex.
    never been a big fan of watching anal by anyone
    Two hot guys making out is like ridiculously attractive though
  11. paintitblack

    paintitblack Member

    i totally agree, though it would be really nice to hear about first time anal too ;) don't be shy!
  12. Bella_Donna

    Bella_Donna *Femme Fatale*

    Add me to that list! Male on male action is extremely sexy, in my opinion. LoL Reading these "first time" stories is pretty sexy, too. C'mon guys, keep posting...;)
  13. genie_man

    genie_man Member

    lol mine was in class - hands in each others trousers at the back of the room...crazy
  14. Englishman

    Englishman Member

    When I was a student, just curiosity on both our parts. We were in a single bed together, mutual masturbation and then I decided I'd try sucking. It was an interesting sensation, sucking and stroking, but I decided then it wasn't really for me. He didn't come. He sucked me and I didn't come either. He asked me to put it in his anus but we had no lubricant and I didn't want to force it in. I rubbed the head round the opening, reaching round to masturbate him, till I came. One on one with a man isn't something I've tried since. Women have told me similar things about their one and only lesbian experiment. But we've all got to try most things.
  15. Alexandra

    Alexandra Member

    I firmly believe that one hasn't lived a full sexual life until he or she experiments at least once with someone of their own sex.

    I find male-male foreplay and oral sex extremely attractive and exciting.
  16. BigAl2539

    BigAl2539 Member

    The first time I did anything with another boy was when I was, like, 7, for at least two years. Or was that when I stopped?
    Anyway, we were the same age and there were two other kids. There was Chris, Dylan I think his name was, Dwane, and me. Originally, it was just Chris and me, and Dwane at different times, but then we got Dylan involved.
    With Dwane, it was mainly feeling on each other and kissing each other's chest. I remember it felt good, but at 7, I didn't really know why.
    When I was with Chris and Dylan, we would whop out our dicks (all, at the time, were about 3 inches because we were so young) and kind of stare for a few seconds. Then, one of us would end down and place our lips over the fresh meat, then start going up and down.
    At the time, neither of us had any experience with blowjobs, but I learned over the years.
    I would also bend over while I clutched the other kid's waist, then I would make slow, exciting moments.
    Before all this started, we would go out in broad daylight and place our dicks in front of each other, then we would have a "weenie fight," (still young kids) and it kinda looked like a fleshy, hot sword fight.
    Then, things went wrong.
    We decided that we should expand our sex circle, so we talked to our friend, Baghera.
    We asked Baghera if he wanted to join. Clever kid.
    He asked us to show him what we do, even though we already told him.
    We whopped out our dicks, and he said to do it.
    So, without hesitation, I first went straight for Chris's dick, then he went for mine.
    Baghera was horrified. He went to go tell his mom, who told my mom, who told Chris's mom, who told Dylan's mom.
    Luckily, Dwane, who had moved to Spain (we were all military brats, whose parents are in a branch of the military) got away with it.
    Now, Baghera and I have sworn each other to secrecy, and we are pretty close, though I haven't seen him in a while.
    But, if I met Chris again, I would do it all over again if he wanted to too.
    To this day (8 or 6 years later, not sure when I stopped) I wonder what my sexuality is.
    Am I gay?
    I hope not.
    Am I bi?
    That's more acceptable.
    Am I straight?
    No one knows.
    I guess I would consider myself bi-curious, but I'm not open about it. The last thing I need is to be bi-curious, bi, or gay in high school.
    Since I was in elementary school, I met a friend named Daniel, who might have been the best thing to happen in my life. He's straight, and knows my secret, or should I say two of my secrets, out of many.
    Daniel, who is so conviently a perv, gave me some advise on how to really get aquainted with the internet, and showed me some good sites.
    Then, when my mom gave me her AOL password in case I need to log on, doors really opened for me. Over the past few years, I have become aquainted with the internet, some interesting sites, my mom's schedule, and how to clear my history so that no one can see what I've been up to.
    Because of the bi-curious thing, you can guess what kind of websites I visited.
    I'm still trying to find myself; until I was about 13, I thought I was straight. Then, after I checked out my browser history, I thought I was gay. Now, I'm thinking I'm bi-curious. I guess the proper term is "confused." So, don't be surprised if I change my sexuality from time to time. lol.
    I still get boners when I see a naked girl, and some guys, but I hope I turn out straight or bi. Bi, at the least. I want to be at least partway acceptable to my fam.
    When I was with Daniel, at about the same time he got me into 5 star sites, he introduced me to his mom's old tapes(not of his mom, the ones that she bought). We would jerk together, and I wasn't sure about it at first, but I got more into it. I would go over to his house almost everyday.
    From time to time, I would have this incredible urge to yank the sheets off his bed and have a little oral fun.
    But it never happened, and I have to wonder what could have happened. You know how it is. Not the bi-curious part, the wanting something you can't have part.
  17. Inavacuum

    Inavacuum Senior Member

  18. smoothie6in

    smoothie6in Member

    First experience that I can remember was when I was like maybe 5 or 6. I happen upon our next door neighbor’s kid jacking off and he talked me into sucking him off. It didn’t warp my mind like a lot of people today say it would. I guess it was good for him because he oohed and ahhed his way through it. I did it a couple times after that but we then moved out of state because of my mom and dads work.

    It wasn’t until a few years later say around say 8 or 9 that I got involved with the games kids play, you know doctor, show me yours/mine, truth or dare. At this point it was just basic felling each other up and comparing.

    Around 12 or so I had a good friend that hung out with all the time. So on night we started play strip poker with the final loser having to suck the other. I remember the first time he blew his load in my mouth it was great. We played together for a couple years but never any anal, it just seemed so taboo. Well I had figured out with something up my butt while I jacked off felt even better. We got together on night and I asked him about doing a butt fuck but he just wasn’t sure. I told him I would go first if it mattered, his cock was bigger than mine, he said OK I lubed up with Vaseline (that’s all we had) and gave him a good luck lick or 2 and told him to stick it in. My ass was on fire as he entered me but I was determined to get it in me. Well he did and I was in 7th heaven he started to pump me but being excited it only lasted maybe a minute before he blew his load, it felt great. He later let me try on him but he couldn’t or wouldn’t take it so I became a bottom to him but not very often.

    We drifted away from each other in high school and started doing the “normal thing” back then chasing anything with a skirt that was putting out. We never spoke about it again as I really haven’t till now.

    I went off and did my school thing, then my military thing, and then my being poor thing and started working my way up the ladder of life. I noticed hot guys every now and then but not in the lustful eye. I would check them out in the locker room just like any other guy will.

    I got married (still the same woman 20 yrs) had kids. Did all the crazy stuff you do with kids and never really thought about guys. We went down to Bourbon Street about 10 years ago and she wanted to go into one of those he/she shows. We did and it kind of got the fire started again. We got a few shemale flicks and a couple bi flicks. Then we were messing around one night and the idea of her using a dildo on me was brought up. I agreed to it and it was as great as I remember it being. We did it every now and then but not as much as I would have liked. Then she found religion and the rest is history. No flicks, no dildoed ass, no BJ (not that she gave that many to begin with). The fire was started but now I have to keep it under control with my own dildo sessions when shes not around.

    Well that’s it…….sorry if I bored you
  19. Number6

    Number6 Member

    I was 15 years old, my girlfriend Liz and best friend Karl sneaked into Lake Elmo in Billings Mt after hours and went skinny dipping. After we finished swimming, we were laying on the beach getting high, I started playing with Liz's tit and and she started stroking my cock. We looked at Karl who had started masturbating, Liz smiled at him and said, "Don't be shy", he moved in closer and she grabbed his cock to. Liz asked me if I wanted to watch her give him a blow job and I said yes. Liz rolled Karl onto his back and started giving him a long slow sloppy blow job while I watched. I was entranced with how her mouth moved up and down his glistening cock, occasionally her eyes would meet mine and I would smile in approval. after several minutes she stopped, she took my hand and put it on Karls cock, and guided my hand up and down the shaft and she licked the head, I glanced up at Karl and he didn't seem to mind. Liz moved over and I took her place. At first I was not sure I wanted to cross this line, but then Karl said "Go a head, suck me." I put my mouth on the head of his cock, Liz told me to swirl my tongue around the head and I did. I then took more of him into my mouth, at first a gagged a bit, but I got use to it. I was so turned on, I had not expected to be, but I was. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, but Liz interrupted me and said she wanted to fuck Karl, so I got up and she straddled him taking his cock into her wet pussy. Not wanting to be left out and figuring Karl owed me now, I got on all fours over Karl's face and presented him with my cock, he immediately took it in his mouth. I could hear Liz moaning behind me as she rode Karl. I started to slide my cock in and out of Karl's mouth, his throat was relaxed and he took me with no problem, at that point I got the feeling he had done this before and I decided there was no point in holding back. I started to fuck Karl's mouth with abandon, I wanted to cum really bad and he was really good at sucking cock. Liz put her hand on my back to steady herself and I could feel her shiver as she orgasmed and she whimpered "Yes, cum inside me". It was at that point that I unloaded in Karl's mouth. After that, we laid on the beach for about an hour letting the breeze off the lake cool our hot bodies, before going home.
  20. BornFree

    BornFree Member

    holy moly

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