Bound(hawks in flight)/ Shadows

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by standingdeer, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. standingdeer

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    Like endless hawks in flight
    Riding Upon currents of compatibility
    A dance making way
    reality becomes unbending
    by choice
    or is it the will of our constraints
    that keep us soaring


    revealed in contrast to the sun
    pressing against the back of a creature
    retracting from the confines of its dwelling
    searching out the culmination of its purpose

    clouds move with certainty
    breaking the molds of melancholy
    as they drift with ease
    across an endless sky
    that is painted
    with images

    grass dances with crackles of fire
    bordering a road
    wips of lightning
    cause the suspicion of arsen to cease

    only the form of an idea
    that someone pushed to a shove
    laughter is negated when violence is apparent
    outside city streets riot

    seems impossible
    when everyone is thinking to much

  2. standingdeer

    standingdeer Member

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