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Discussion in 'COOL Books' started by River 1509, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Dick Gregory - one of the formers of the yippie movement. In 1964 he published autobiographical book "Negro". Good work.
    I want to take "Biosphere" written by Vladimir Vernadskiy who created terms "biosphere" and "noosphere". Biosphere is the sphere where all living species lives. Noosphere is the sphere which was created by human mind.
    And everyday I read the Bible.
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    "Metro 2033" Gluhovsky
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  3. Proofs From The Book by Paul Erdose and Liethhold TC7 and the book that would be magically missing stuff Book Of All Pics From Phones By Ariel are some of the Earth's best (mine requires a Casio). Aliens an important thing missing is the Special Relativity Work Pack both of them.
  4. I never made a purchase or did any gambling over the internet.

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