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Discussion in 'Rastafari' started by Fallen_stars, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. Fallen_stars

    Fallen_stars Member

    High everyone!

    Recently I've feel a profound link that bound me to God, In the past I have been more about paganism and budhism, but recently I've felt a profound feeling about rastafari. But I just want to know more, but by more I mean all...I'm already possessing a lot of knowledge about rastafari (cause Bob Marley is my 'model' of life) but I don't want to make a bad move and realize that it's not for me after.... I mean I'm not black and I don't consider Haile selassie to be a saint and I don't necesseraly plan to have dreadlock, but I feel a profound link with Jah,nature,pure style of life... But is there any website or books where I can learn more...And don't tell me:the bible. Cause here again, me consider that the bible is more like babylon brainwashed bullshit...that's my opinion...But I really love Jesus and what he mades thought....


    love and respect!
  2. ElChivato

    ElChivato SeNioR MeMBeR

    i got Rastafari: roots and ideology by Berry Chevannes from my local library. it was pretty good. it was pretty much the history of Rastafari, i donno if that's what ur lookin for or not... I also tried to find some sites, but i can't really find anything good.

    I really love Bob Marley too and I also believe the bible is retarded bull.

    Peace & Love,
  3. Fallen_stars

    Fallen_stars Member

    Thanks for the help ElChivato...But finally I choose to buy a book name Rastafari:for the healing of the nation..... I don't have receive it yet..but I hope it will be good and enlighment.....

    love and respect...
  4. Love113

    Love113 Member

    That is a great book, I hope you enjoy it, The author of it spoke at a peace concert in my area last year.

    Peace, and Jah love.
  5. hess

    hess Member

    Blessings, iman would say read the kebra nagast, and also talk to other Rastas, you can only learn so much from books and scriptures. and InI say no one can ever know "all", for everything you learn, it branches off in many directions, overstand what you do know idren and may Jah love bless.
  6. goldmund

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    Rastafari: Roots and Ideology, as mentioned above, is a good source for a non-partisan historical approach to Rasta. Chanting Down Babylon: The Rastafari Reader, a collection of essays by Rasta academics and others in the Rastafari world is another excellent work.
  7. rastafarians by leonard barrett sr

    very informative and well written
  8. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    Greetings all! I was browsing the web today and just happened to stumble upon a gem. Mortimo Planno, one of the oldest and most respected Rastafarians alive, wrote a book of reasonings in the 60s called The Earth Most Strangest Man: The Rastafarian. Unfortunately this book wasn't published but is now available from the Research Institute for the Study of Man.

    For those of you who do not know who Mortimo Planno was one of the first Rastafarians, professing his faith as early as 1939. He became a fervent disciple and preacher for the faith, and became one of the leading authorities on the subject. It was Planno that Bob Marley sought out for instruction after hearing Rita's tale of His Majesty's stigmata in the Jamaican parade. Planno was party to the first delegation of Rastafarian and other Pan-African delegates to Ethiopia in 1961 where he met Haile Selassie, and was one of the few rasta elders invited to attend a private state dinner with Selassie when he visited Jamaica in 1966.

    Anyone seriously or curiously interested in Rastafari should read what he has to say.

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