Bombay Dub Orchestra [ambient]

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    Title: Bombay Dub Orchestra
    Label: Six Degrees Records
    Released: Feb 2006 (US)

    The Bombay Dub Orchestra is the brainchild of two English musicians, Andrew T. Mackay and Garry Hughes, who wanted to do something that hadn't been tried before: to make the ultimate chill-out album, using an Indian orchestra and soloists. Combining electronic sessions recorded in the UK with orchestral sessions in Bombay India the duo have recorded with the cream of Bombay's Indian classical musicians - including leading players of the sitar, tabla, bansuri (wooden flute) and some memorable vocal performers.

    CD1 - Bombay
    01. Compassion
    02. Rare Earth
    03. Mumtaz
    04. The Berber Of Seville
    05. To The Shore
    06. The Greater Silence
    07. Feel
    08. Dust
    09. Sonata
    10. Unexpected Rain
    11. Beauty And The East
    12. Remembrance


    CD 2 - Dub
    01. Rare Earth: The Forest Of Thieves Mix
    02. Feel: The Diamond Cake Mix
    03. Beauty And The East: The Marine Drive Traffic Jam
    04. The Berber Of Seville: The Berber Of Suburbia Mix
    05. Dust: The Pigment Of Your Imagination Mix
    06. Compassion: The Continental Drift Mix
    07. The Berber Of Seville Orchestral Version: Father Mackay's Celestial Vision
    08. Remembrance: Fires Remix



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