Bob Marleys body?

Discussion in 'Rastafari' started by Nimrod's Apprentice, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. I heard they are moving it Ethiopia. Is that true?
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    yeah, for what would have been his 60th bday, i think.
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    Nope. Weird chain of events. Apparently Rita had told press that his body would be moved and it had been okay'd with Ethiopian authorities. Originally Ethiopia had said no, didn't want the herb association & possible "morrison" like grave reverence. Her remarks suggested this would take place during his 60th birthday celebrations which have been going on for the past month in Addis Ababa.
    Then as the media was abuzz with the possibility, Rita denied that she had made such claims and just mentioned that it was a long-term goal.
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    In January 2005, it was reported ( that Rita Marley is planning to have her late husband's remains exhumed and reburied in Shashamane, Ethiopia. In announcing the decision to move Marley's remains to Ethiopia, Rita Marley said: "Bob's whole life is about Africa, it is not Jamaica." There is as lot of resistance to this proposal in Jamaica. The birthday celebrations for what would have been his 60th birthday on February 6th 2005 were celebrated in Shashamane for the first time, having previously always been held in Jamaica.

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