BlueBerry's 4/20 & QD Vids and Pics!

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by BlueBerry, May 18, 2007.

  1. BlueBerry

    BlueBerry Member

  2. lctricity

    lctricity Member

    Awesome documentation of the whole nine BB!

    Sorry I missed ya's on the Piggie "Drive-By". I was rollin' a doob and drivin' the boat. Not missin' a beat, whilst runnin' the tunes.

    Rock ON!
  3. BlueBerry

    BlueBerry Member

    thanks man..... did you hear me on clip calling out to johnnyjoe 'where's lctricity?' LOL

    i woulda got more but my batteries ran dead whilst i was making that clip!

  4. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    nice vid's of queens day BB and a nice catch of the pig cruiser...I must of been in the cabin with lctricity.

  5. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    thanks for sharing blueberry! it was great to finally meet you :)
  6. BlueBerry

    BlueBerry Member

    it was my pleasure KOOPA ;)

    great to finally meet you, too bad we dint to hang out more ~ judging by your smoke reports you smoke em down like i do!

    hope to see ya next time,

  7. BlueBerry

    BlueBerry Member


    how did i miss all the hip meetups???

    guess i was stoned ;)

    hope to see yall pigs next year.....


  8. ispica

    ispica Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Excellent pics there BlueBerry, they are without a doubt examples of some of the finest photography I've ever seen.

    We need you on board next year!

  9. BlueBerry

    BlueBerry Member

    ummm yeah you sure was enjoying those banana pancakes...<EDIT from VID: BlueBerry,"what's your screen name again?"...mike c. "ispica"...BlueBerry,"HUH?"...mike c. "ISPICA">

    next year you will have to try the blueberrie ones ~ whilst i videotape you eating it ALL... teeheee ;)


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