Blue Sheilds. has anyone ever heard or tried them?

Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by Dark Star, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Dark Star

    Dark Star Member

    ok i juuuuust bought two blue sheilds. they are inbetween light blue and dark blue, and have a pretty well imprinted stamp them. but only on one side. just wondering what you heard. they guy i bought them from usually gives us REALLY good tabs but id still like to know. he said he thinks they are based with mda but said they were a very clean roll. any comments?

    ps- im taking them tonight.
  2. eat_some_LSD

    eat_some_LSD Senior Member

    The Blue Shields that were floating around here recently (fair blue, lightly speckeled, bevel on both sides and no score) were plain manilla MDE; roll lasts about an hour altogether.
  3. The ones you are talking about my friend had a while ago. He ate two and said he rolled hard but it was short lasting only 2 1/2 hours and a shitty come-down. But he said they were worth it considering how hard he rolled
  4. Dark Star

    Dark Star Member

    So alright i took them the other night...and damn...this tab made me roll harder than ive ever rolled before. Literally i was curled up into a ball in my bed because the pleasure was so strong. it may have been 45 mins to an hour before i got up enough strength to stand up to check out my eyes ( i always like looking at them when i roll ) and when i stood i immediately fell back down to the floor into a squating position with my arms curled up around my knees...this was a powerful tab.. dont get me wrong, it was a VERY pleasant feeling...VERY! But the lack of movement i had kinda made me think when it would be over. That was my first thought. simply because i didnt want one of my parents to wake up and check on me and find me eyes dialated, and unable to stand...not a good thing. so i got paranoid. but then i looked at the time and said alright they wont wake up, and enjoyed the rest of the unmovable experience i was having. the roll started about 30 mins after i chewed it at about 1:30am and ended around 5am. It has been the strongest roll ive ever had and thats coming from experience. I have taken tripple stacked blue dolphins, tripple stacked heavens gates, double stacked yellow scorpions, and i thought they topped them all but out all those, this single stacked blue sheild has completely overpowered them..the ones where yall must live must not be anything special, but the ones down here....kick so much ass! hahah. And i still have one left!!! :)
  5. Lodui

    Lodui One Man Orgy

    Darkstar you're a fucking pimp...

    I just got some little blue pills with a shield on 'em last night From this kid who got 'em from Houston... couldn't find anything about 'em online from or anything... I just gave up and thought I'd take em.

    Thanks for the good news.
  6. Dark Star

    Dark Star Member

    yep. man have fun...but prepare yourself for an EXTREAMLY hard roll...hopefully you chewed them, but if you chose to make them last longer and swallowed them whole tell me about your experience. cuz i have one more left and id like to knowhow it feels to swallow it whole. shit tell me either way. lol. i love these tabs. highly recomended
  7. Lodui

    Lodui One Man Orgy

    Did 'em Friday with some friends, they were pretty nice. We all decided to swallow them cause i had never chewed a pill that small... but maybe I shoulda chewed 'em... either way it was great... we just pretty much lyed around... I also drank a bit too, and that made it even more fun... I dunno how to describe it, I read your review before I took 'em and I still wasn't prepared.

    It probably lasted about 6 hours, and I'm pretty sure it was MDA... MDMA makes me feel more emotional and empathetic and all that crap, But MDMA just makes me feel really good...

    the reaction on the part of the brain is pretty different too... if you wanted something truly mind blowing... save it till you find something that you thing is MDMA, and take 'em together.

    Thats the best I've ever rolled off one pill, I agree, highly reccomended.
  8. smurfette

    smurfette Member

    i've had blue shields before and they SUCK. one to 2 and a half hour roll doesn't do it for me. oh and by the way their are also pink shields, they SUCK too. Supermans ae teh way to go my friend.
  9. Dark Star

    Dark Star Member

    Wow a blast from the past with this thread. Anyways. Since then i have quick taking E. The thing is the E is that almost no batch is the same. Unless its produced by a pretty serious chemist that is really trying to created a certain pill with a certain amount or type of chemical. Not like alot of people that are just making pills to get some money. Ive run across too many people that made pills themselves and really didnt make it for shit and made some big bucks selling bunk shit. The biggest scam ever around texas is in the clubs when you are offered a blotter of cid. Dont pay 20 bucks a hit for an empty peice of blotter paper..So to smurfette's comment, you may have had blue shields before but the type of chemical that was found inside it may have not been the kinda inside ours. Lodui described pretty much exactly what i was describing so im pretty sure we got somewhat of the same pill. Mostly MDA with practically no MDMA. Your mind's clear, but theres no extra happiness. It takes a while for it to kick in, so chewing them would be best, especially because of the full strength of these puppies. I took 30mg's of Adderall and chewed the one shield the second time i took it, and i nearly had an orgasm lol. Great pills. Im not too sure whats big anymore because again ive been out of the tab business for a while, but when i was in it Heaven's Gates were pretty damn nice, chocolate chip waffers were pretty mind twisting, the blue shields were just plain orgasmic, and the tripple stacked blue dolphins,supermans, and mercedes's were just plain perfect tabs. Keep on rollin.

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