Blue Lotus

Discussion in 'Exotic Psychedelic Plants' started by ForestNymphe, May 18, 2004.

  1. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    We are preparing to embark on a journey with this ancient and revered plant. The trip reports I have read on erowid seem positive and we look forward to the experience. I would love to hear from the folks here what their experiences are.

  2. JamminOTR

    JamminOTR Member

    I have never partaken, nor even heard of this psychoactive till now. Please let me know how the journey goes! Best wishes and be safe!

    In Lak'ech(I am another yourself!)

  3. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter


    What a sensual flower this is. After an early morning running around San Lorenzo valley I came home to my shipment of blue lotus flowers and 20x crystal resin. I smoked about a half of the gram and a half of pure resin and find myself in a state of bliss. The effects of this plant are much like opium, relaxing and soothing to the soul.
    No negativity is in my consciousness and I enjoy the wee bit of astrology written for another at this site. My mind is sharp as ever yet free of toxic baggage and I am light of spirit. Hubby just smoked a bit of the resin and we are brewing a bit of tea. I look forward to reading a chart while enjoying the relaxing effects of this flower.
    We opened a bottle of crisp and cold Pinot Grigio and it certainly enhances the effects. No trails or visuals to report, this is a plant of euphoria and I find myself wanting to see how this works with salvia. A lovely high.
    Happy Saturday everyone. :)
  4. Plenco

    Plenco Member

    Where did you order from and how did you smoke the resin. I have heard that you must soak it first. My Lotus is on the way and I wna tot do it right. THanks

  5. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Hi Plenco,
    I did not soak the resin and used very little of it, smoked it up just like hash. I also consumed a pretty strong mug of tea. The experience was very mellow, yet over time, about three hours, feelings became very intense. I may try this with wine sometime. :)

    Oh and check your PM's.
  6. khronus

    khronus Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I have just got in Blue lotus and am starting to work with it, indeed an interesting plant. I have on cd an episode of the t.v series 'sacred weeds' shown in the UK. One ofthe episodes was on the blue lotus. I have had mild effects so far but wish to explore furthur.

  7. ThE_BluE_ShoE

    ThE_BluE_ShoE Member

    i have smoked white lotus before (i believe its botanical name is nymphaea odorata), but only in combination with salvia divinorum. i remember it being much more happy and uplifting than my other experiences with salvia alone. I think white lotus is supposed to have nuceferine in it, just like blue lotus (nymphaea cerulea).
  8. Mac

    Mac Member

    how long does it last if you smoke it?
  9. ThE_BluE_ShoE

    ThE_BluE_ShoE Member

    i couldn't tell because it was indistinguishable from the salvia divinorum's effects at the time, seeing as i'd never tried either before. not too long, though, i think as a rough (very rough--coral reef rough) estimate, baseline to baseline should be about an hour or so. i dont think the primary effects lasted for any more than 10-20 mins. that's white lotus though, and even though they are supposed to contain the same content of nuciferine, blue lotus might be a little different. from what i've heard: drinking blue lotus or smoking the resin extract is much more worthwhile. either soak 5 grams of the stuff in wine overnight and drink the wine, or make a tea from the flowers.
  10. Grownuts

    Grownuts Member

  11. Shaman420

    Shaman420 Herbalist

    Interesting stuff. Your report makes me want to try it! I'm always interested in new natural 'highs'. Any suggestions on where to get some more info on it? Besides erowid preferably.
  12. I wonder how much would do for a bottle of wine and have good potency. Just like the Ancient Egyptians.

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