Blue Highways

Discussion in 'Non-Fiction Books' started by cricketlind, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Blue Highways is about one man's journey into the forgotten roads and people of America. It is by William Least-Heat Moon. Google "Blue Highways" and it will come up. It is a very enjoyable read. On the journey he of course finds himself and returns to his old life a new man. Isn't that what journeying is all about? Blue Highways are the ones marked in blue ink on roadmaps. Its a very large slice of "american pie". Enjoy!

    Peace and Love, Cricket
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    it's been a couple years since you posted this but i'm glad you did.i googled the title and it does sound very good.i remember reading the review of this book and thinking wow i have to read that book.i never did and forgot about it till you brought it up........travelling the freeways skirting the towns they all seem so similar burger king,mcdonalds,gas stations,motels.pull into the towns a the uniquness becomes noticable.the old commercial bldgs,houses,theatres,town halls etc................other travel books i,ve read and liked are "travels with charley" by john about 1960 steinbeck drove his camper around the u.s. with his dog charley.....another one was"we passed this way" by dick the early 90's a group of friends rode bikes from oregon to boston .making observations along the way and staying on backroads as much as possible....another one is a series of state travel guides written by authors during the depression as a w.p.a. project.and although outdated in some ways many of the sites written about are still there.they make handy travel guides.thanks for the recomendation on the book.
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    one of my all time favorite books and inspiration for going on a 5 month trip last summer. just finished writting a book about it and headed off for another 3-6 months on the road again in Spring
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    i've read this, the ones about boating across the country, and staying in one place in kansas [prairy erth?]

    liked the kansas one best, actually, places like that need time . . .

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