Blue-Collar (At The Beginning Of The Day)/Black-Collar (At The End Of The Day) Conservatism?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AMS351996, Apr 10, 2019.

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    Is essentially social-cultural/socio-cultural conservatism surrounding morality-and-ethics in relation to sexuality and promiscuity (adultery), whilst abhorring homosexuality (lesbianism), including the "stray's", such as bisexuality and probably now transgenderism, so sex/gender in relation to "maleness" and "femaleness" and sexual orientation/gender identity, family-and-community is pivotal in sexual conservatism.

    So, instead throwing fart's and chucking shit's, which is quintessential off-colour toilet humor, obscure, yet obscene to many-and-most individual person's in so-called "polite society", endlessly and incessantly both philosophising and moralising about nothing, besides personality royalism or personality popularity and political party loyalism, no matter what you think or do, no matter what you feel or say, brutalisation-and-victimisation by way of kicking-out public-sector homed/housed tenants who go on to have two kid's and offer them a home/house upon receiving a vasectomy and for laboring member's who have two kid's, if they have three kid's or more, tax them at $100000 dollar's and either they pay a lump sum of $50000 dollars or the state/government/public-sector will take $100000 dollars straight out of their bank account and this will double to $200000 dollars upon the fourth kid and so on or they receive a vasectomy, this is white-collar (right-wing/rightist) conservatism, true-and-through
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    No it isn't.
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    It is, anyway if I owned-and/or-organised/commanded-and-controlled/reigned-and-ruled a blue-collar business, I'd invest in automative research-and-development (R.N.D) technology-and-engineering, from mechanisation to automation for blue-collar labor to eventual mechanisation, though probably not automation of white-collar work, it's the murdoch-owned-and-organised/commanded-and-controlled/reigned-and-ruled mainstream mass media and organised religion, both organised christianity and organised islam that decieve everyone, a journalist/commentator/pundit/talking head and a theologian/priest/pastor/preacher/iman don't suit-and-serve positive progress/change/movement/regress, they don't give a flying-fuck, pasteurised piss and/or smelly shit about positive progress/change/movement/regress, the illusions, delusions and confusions or the illusions, confusions and delusions were broken, false hope, empty promises and exaggerated claims gone.

    Industrialisation progressed/changed/moved/regressed ruralisation to urbanisation, from rural-dweller's to city-sleeker's, politics, religious philosophy/certain variations/versions of secular philosophy and video gaming is like both meat (un-processed red meat, processed red meat, un-processed white meat and processed white meat) and eggs (including other animal-derived/based/extracted product's, such as gelatine, rennet and a dye made from beetle blood called carmine), circular thinking/reasoning/rationalising/logic and circular doing that is neither objective, nor moral-and-ethical.

    After nine year's of philosophising and almost a full four year's of experience, all blue-collar's are in-evitable lump's who breed, besides breeding circular thinking/reasoning/rationalising/logic into existence
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