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Discussion in 'Art' started by MeatyMushroom, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. MeatyMushroom

    MeatyMushroom Juggle Tings Proppuh

    Umm.. officially mind blown by some of the works in this, like.. seriously. Fuckin' hell."]
  2. OceanStar

    OceanStar Member

    Wow! Some serious talent! Thanks for sharing! :)
  3. Unbelievable. Its amazing to see people create depth on a flat surface. Some of those paintings I see in head and only dream of putting it on canvas. Mind blown as well >_<

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  4. MeatyMushroom

    MeatyMushroom Juggle Tings Proppuh

    Haha tell me about it man.. and some of the DETAIL. Oh my sack... I've attempted some visionary shit, but I just get lost.. need to chill out I think :p

    I also want a track list :( some dope music on that vid
  5. upperlevel

    upperlevel Member

    I have JUST began doing some actual visionary pieces. Obviously not at the same level as these practised pros, but I tell you what if you got on a 6month festival circuit like a lot of these people probably have, you could easily be immersed in that kind of art. And I think that this is what they strive for is immersion in the situation, forgetting about themselves and their own conscious ideas.
    When I am tripping LSD, the geometry aspect comes fairly easily when I am drawing, not so much the lines, but if this makes sense: I could pinpoint the corners of say a pentagram without the pentagram drawn in.

    You are a MUCH better technical painter than me, so I am sure you could tackle this. I never had REALLY tried it on canvas, and I think if canvas is your first exploration of this, that could be what holds you back. I just can't even imagine doing this stuff with paint at this point.
  6. MeatyMushroom

    MeatyMushroom Juggle Tings Proppuh

    I'd love to get on a circuit like that.. so much other shit I wanna do though..

    I think I'm going to try do something at Afrikaburn(SA's Burning Man) in the next couple of years which will certainly kickstart that "immersion", haven't really got the time at the moment to dedicate time to fully personal stuff.

    Know what you mean about the geometry stuff though, I haven't really played around with LSD all that much, but it's apparent on shrooms.. definitely in terms of fractals.. it's just the physical is a bit intoxicated, harder to keep up with the mental with mushrooms.. something I haven't noticed with acid.. but fuck, I wanna do that shit sober :(

    And get some stuff uploaded man!

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