Bloody Mary

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    Bloody Mary

    Your at you’re best friends 13th birthday party, everyone is downstairs playing games like Truth or Dare?, and Spin the Bottle. Then someone tells of a game they had played at another party called Bloody Mary. The rules were that you had to walk into a dark bathroom with only a candle. You had to stand in front of the mirror and say Bloody Mary three times in a row. Sound familiar? A popular game played at parties, but how did it begin?

    There are many of theories to who she was. One legend was that she was a witch, another states that she was a ghost and of course the one where she was a queen.

    In the Bloody Mary story that refers to her as a witch, Bloody Mary lived in a small house in the forest. The town near by had given her the name Bloody Mary. One night, young girls had started to go missing in the town. The towns men knew it to be Mary but had no proof of it. One night the father of one girl saw his daughter leaving from her bed and heading toward the forest. The father alerted neighbors to follow and assist him. As they followed the girl she continued to walk toward Mary’s house. Bloody Mary was standing on her porch with a wand chanting words. The men grabbed Mary and brought her to town to burn her at the stake. As she burned she screeched a curse that any soul would dare say her name three times in front a mirror was to have his or her eyes scratched out by Mary herself.

    In the Bloody Mary legend where she was a ghost. It says that Bloody Mary was in love with a man. She had been seeing him for many years and gotten engaged to him. About a month before the wedding Mary told her friend that she was planning to call the wedding off. Some how her fiancee found out. The night she was planning to break off from him, he came up to her while she was putting on make up in the bathroom. He acted at first that he was giving her a hug from behind but then snapped her neck. Once he had done this he cut her eyes out and kept them. Because Mary was murdered in front of a mirror her soul was trapped inside. When ever her name is said three times in front of a mirror Mary comes out and scratches your eyes out and of course, keeps them.

    Another story states the Bloody Mary was a Queen named Mary Tudor. The legend was that Mary was a beautiful woman who continued to age but looked nothing of her age. One day a slave found Mary’s secret room. It was full of dead slave girls and one tub. Mary was in the tub bathing in blood. She was put to death. All thought there is no real connection to this Mary and mirrors, it is still found as a Bloody Mary Legend.

    All of these stories are different you see. They do have few things in common though . It always involves a woman named Mary, the victim of the mirror summoning has his or her eyes scratched out ,and that Bloody Mary is summoned by saying Bloody Mary three times in a row. Although there is almost no way to find out who Bloody Mary really was, the game is continued to be played my children and teens who don’t really care how the story began, but just want a good scare.

  2. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    Rather a spooky story there, young lady well done. Just for reference, I think if you google or Wiki "Mary Tudor" you may find that your depiction is as historically close as Mel Gibson's dandy "William Wallace" was. I say this, because, having seen a lot of American films and TV in the past, I get the impression that history is not a popular subject over there.

    Still a good effort, and you made it interesting, even a bit scary, and gory in some places. One small suggestion to try out in your next work. Read a horror book by an established author, such as the fantastic Stephen King, of whom I am a very big fan and would noy say no to if he invited me to come and stay with him and his family for a week's holiday[​IMG]hint[​IMG] and see how he uses descriptions in the scary parts to draw the reader in so that his heartbeat is about to burst onto the pages of the book and splatter everyone with buckets of warm blood.

    Other than that, very good, welcome to our forum, and feel free to ask or give advice etc.
  3. I love a good urban myth it reminds me of the one where the couple broke down on a road in France and to cut a long story short - a madman starts jumping up and down on the roof of the car smashing her husbands decapitated head on the windscreen
  4. elizabeth bathory, a european noblewoman, was the one who lured peasant girls to her castle and then slaughtered them and bathed in their blood to retain her youthful appearance.

    what a creeper. :D
  5. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    Well done, psychedellicgirl, well done. I mean that. Did you actually know that or did you google it?
  6. nah, i knew it.

    i have a thing for vampire and other creeper legends. ;)
    read about it in some dracula history book...
    author radu florescu, don't remember the title.
  7. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    It's amazing what a little digging up can bring to the surface. Apparently she was a mass murderer, and torturer, who lived in Central Europe in the 1600's.

    Wikipedia has an entry, but points out sections based on hearsay, and statements that need a citation.
  8. SelfControl

    SelfControl Boned.

    Just to add one to the list: Lucrecia Borge, or however you spell it.

    Riot grrls throughout the ages...
  9. there was a pretty good show on the history channel about her and others around halloween last year...

    the reenactments were hilarious.
  10. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    In what way? Was it a spoof?
  11. no, it was historically accurate and whatnot...

    but the reenactment of this creepy woman bathing in a tub of blood and the expressions on her servants' faces were absolutely priceless.
  12. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    EDIT: due to my centrino duo brain.
    You have a very similar sense of humour with a very talented young man we have around here. Perhaps we can match you up.
  13. hmmm...

    although i'm wary of this being a heavily disguised come-on:
    talk to me.
  14. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    CLUE: He is a very famous/infamous person in the forums. He is harmless, but some people take him far too seriously. He is a nutcase with a brain, and could probably do with someone with your sense of humour to chill out a bit. I think he might be a bit shy, however. I'll see if I can drop a hint in his direction, just to test the water.
  15. this is going to end up with me dead in a bathtub, isn't it?
  16. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    Yikes! Maybe it was a bad idea LOL. I'll put him back in his box!:jester:
  17. Flannelwearin'gal


    thanks guys for the comments, i've written other stuff that is like supernatural too, if want to read it just send me a message!!
  18. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    A big apology to Flannelwearin'gal. Sorry [​IMG] !!!! Forgive us.

    I actually completely adore supernatural stories, because they allow the writer to show his/her imagination in a way that enheightens the senses.

    We kind of went a bit off course there, FG, but if you don't mind, please post some more of your stories in this forum. I for one would love to read them. I'm a very big Stephen King fan, and reading his book 'Cell' at the moment, which if you haven't read already, most heartilly recommend to you.

    Peace. [​IMG]
  19. Pity you could have read another book called "brain cell" so you could see what you are missing - Ladies just ignore white scorpion he doesnt know what he's typing half the time, and to show you what I mean you should read Fortress Europe . he is one buzzar and strange dude
  20. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    FE will always be good as long as you are in it, old bean, now be a nice Ronald and say a few nice words to Flannelwearin' gal about her Bloody Mary story, you fiendish clown.

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