Blonde Hash

Discussion in 'Hashish' started by kn0wn_st0n3r, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. kn0wn_st0n3r

    kn0wn_st0n3r Guest

    From Boston, USA.

    I've never heard of "Blonde Hash" - until I smoked it.

    I've smoked regular hash before.. just once.

    This blonde hash deffinatly smelt better than it tasted. it smelt really good.
    its not fake because one of my best friends got it from his brother... and im pretttty high as i type.. lol :cheers2:

    We smoked two bowls of it, plain, and another bowl with it on top of dro. of course it tasted better with dro, but smoking it plain wasnt that great, and i didnt get very big hits, it might of not tasted to well because we were using aluminum foil to make a bowl since we didnt have enough weed for a blunt.

    whats the best way to smoke it?
    we like to put peices of it on top of weed, and roll it in a blunt.

    any other suggestions?
  2. OneBrainCell

    OneBrainCell Member

    Cheap morocan!
    best way is smoking it in a blunt!
  3. Rocklobster

    Rocklobster Senior Member

    Yep sounds like slate to me. Only really any good for doing joints or cooking with but your have to load it well.
  4. ExeExe

    ExeExe Member

    Hash is great!!! :D

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