Blessed Be, and a happy smile to y'all from Germany

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by ganesha1967, May 16, 2007.

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    Merry Meet, folks.

    As this is the section where i can spread my blanket, sit down comfortably and invite whomever wanting to get some information about who or what kind of freaky person I am, I shan't hesitate, and begin right away:

    First of all, my nickname might have caught your eye (or even both of them), and sparked your interest. The first part of it, referring to Lord Ganesha, of course, was given me by a very merry sister at a regional Rainbow Gathering in Southern Germany a few years ago. I guess it was partly for my big belly, reminding her of Lord Ganesha's big stomach, which is there to peacefully digest all the good and bad in life. During that time, we built a relationship of love and bliss, tenderness and happiness (and that transcended sex... even though we were skyclad on different occasions and enjoyed each other's touch). That Gathering truly was enlightening in various respects (including the aforementioned one.). The second part of the nickname is, plainly, my year of birth. Yes, I was born in that groovy year, under the sign of Aquarius, too (Whee!!). Only the sheer coincidence that I was born on the European continent could have kept me from being born and growing up in a hippie commune. But, the way I feel it, a part of that spirit must have found me and hit me.

    Currently, I live in the Babylon part of this world again, after having spent a few years living with other people (not quite all of them hippies, but rather punk/squatter type of them) on a pasture in our own trailers (built from tin and wood or just wood, known in German as Bauwagen - construction site trailers, as these are originally used by workers to spend their break in or store their equipment in them). The city we were in had us evited from several sites and eventually the company of us split up, and I ended up in my current li'l apartment, all equipped with the digital gadgets required to get onto the 'net again.
    My first contact with the internet was during my university days, as I was at first eager to become a senior high school teacher (subjects: English and Social Sciences) - but found out in the course of my studies, that the claims of a positive and enlightening teaching and learning environment and the harsh reality of the educational system did not fit at all. I then decided that this wouldn't be the right path for me in life, and dropped out of university to wander around and find a path. That led me to the aforementioned communal living where I found a few kindred spirits, could delve into exploring my own spirituality and found the Rainbow Family.
    Even without a paper bearing a university degree or anything alike, I feel that this was a right step to take and I certainly don't regret it.

    At the moment, I have a job, which is OK for me to pay my bills - something that has arisen again as a necessity of living in Babylon. Working at the phone, I give 'net support to customers of a regional telephone and internet provider in Germany. Since I have been tinkering with the internet since the mid-1990s (I still know Lynx and Mosaic... LOL), this job is fitting my interests.
    For those of you, who haven't looked at my short profile yet, doing stuff on the 'net is one of them - encompassing doing a bit of HTML (for my own pages, that is), being part of several MUDs/MUCKs (most regularly on Realm of Magic - a CircleMUD-based environment, however, by now heavily altered into a self-programmed MUD by the coders and admins... if you happen to get there and meet an elf named Mydleet, well, guess who that is. :eek:)) and being part of a listserv and a forum centered on being barefoot (the SBL and the German Hobby? Barfuss!-Forum).

    My other interests, put shortly, are as mentioned before, being barefoot (I abhor shoes - and the only downside thing about my job is the company requiring me to wear 'em - in warm seasons I can get away with flip-flops...), naturism and nudity - the most natural state of being, taking barefoot (and where possible, nude) walks, skinnydipping, playing SF and Fantasy RPGs (on- and offline - the latter including the classic pen & paper versions), consuming assorted manga & anime, general interest in SF and fantasy (having grown up with James T. Kirk on TV in the early 1970s kind of channeled an interest, there. :eek:)).

    As I came across this forum (partly by reference from SBL list postings, partly by looking for kindred spirits on the 'net by search engines), and read a few posts on assorted topics (such as: spirituality, views on life in general, nudity - yes, I sleep nekkid, too! ;o) - etc., etc.) I decided that now would be the time to join in and begin to toss in my few cents into this online Magic Hat of our gathered knowledge.
    I hope, you'll bear (and bare, as well, if you like... :eek:)) with me, and I'm looking forward to get in virtual touch with kindred spirits in here and out there.

    Love and Peace,

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    Hey there, and welcome to the forums! I'm Lauren :)
  3. OceanBlue62

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    welcome to the forums! enjoy!
  4. westham

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    welcome on board.
  5. cerridwen

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    welcome to the forums :) have fun posting!
  6. farmout

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    Hello Ganesha & Welcome to the forms.
    You will find many like minded folks here on these threads.
    Have yourself a merry ole time.
    Peaceful thoughts your way.... Farmout :)
  7. Forget me not

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    Hello and welcome. Hope you enjoy the forums.
    Peace to you and all your kind.
  8. The_Walrus

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    Heya, welcome to the boards. I'm Brie. Enjoy yourself here. =]

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