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Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by short-man420, Apr 6, 2007.

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    the videos titled blazin, blazin 2, and blazin 2 (yes, we were that baked) are me and a couple of my buddies on the one guys birthday, we started smoking at midnight when it was officially his birthday, and never went more than 3 hours without blazin until the next midnight when it wasn't his actual birthday anymore, only three of our videos made it on youtube, we can't find the other ones

    in the 24 hour period we had 7 blunts, about 15 joints, and 10 bowls, we went thru alot of weed, and these were no regulation blunts and joints either, the blunts were fuckin huge and the joints were almost as big. eventually we had enough roach weed saved in the bottom of a grinder (a grinder with a keif filter so the roach weed was COVERED in keif) and we started rollin joints with those and we got 3 2gram joints out of it. IT WAS FUCKING INSANITY!!

    if anyone else has any videos of them and their friends gettin blitzed post 'em
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  3. Pitros

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    I like your group man wish i had a bunch of friends to smoke 24/7 istead of going just on weekendsCool videos by the way
  4. short-man420

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    i like my group, it's comprised of a bunch of different cliques formed into our own unique group of friends, i'm the only hippy, there's a few gangsters, some e-freaks, some preppier kids, but we all seem to put aside the differences and congregate around the good ol' mary-jane

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