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  1. Flowerchild

    Flowerchild Member

    hi,m ich bins! ich wollte nir sagen ixh bin bald wieder daheim, grad im urlaub!
    love you all!
  2. 0nomat0poeia

    0nomat0poeia Member

    wo bist du denn jetzt gerade?

    wenn du wieder da bist, dann chatten wir aber länger als das letzte mal, ne!
  3. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

    Wann kommste wieder? 11. Juni, oder? Am 23 bin ich in Würzburg - Musterung *arrgh* Naja, ich mach meinen Rücken noch krummer als er ist, schiele durch meine Brille und werf ihnen mein Heuschnupfen-Attest vor die Füße, dann passt das schon mit dem ausgemustert werden ;)
  4. Musterung ist witzig. Ich war Dienstag dran. Muss morgen zur Nachuntersuchung. Die haben nicht gecheckt, dass der schnelle Herzschlag von der Aufregung und der Schleim in der Lunge von nem Schnupfen kam.
  5. hallo.

    ich bin Jenna. auf Australien... ok... um... ich spreche (?) der Englisch. lol

    ich spreche kleine deutsche...

    ok that's all i got. someone teach me some german? i learned it at school and i've vergessen most of it. haha. ich habe meine deutsche vergessen. mein kopt tut weh. hehe...

  6. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

    Welcome in the German forum, Jenna... I think the most efficient way for you to learn more German is just to read all the threads here and just ask if you don't understand anything, I think everybody here will help you :) Of course you can just chat a bit with us via ICQ or whatever :)
  7. danke flowerian :):)i just wanted to fool around and see if anyone replied. or understood what i was saying. hehe

    so tell me.... you drink a lot of beer? Heineken? Bratwurst? do you discuss politics a lot? how about karl marx? what do you think of him? i wanna know all about Germany!!

    you know, out of everything i learned in my German class, the thing i think of first is "ah! das ist mein hamburger!" it was some stupid cartoon... never mind...

    sorry for coming in here and speaking English, but i wanted to hang round with some funky German people... :) forgive me.
  8. Southernman

    Southernman Boarischer Rebell

    Hi, welcome here.
    Is it true, that Australians have kangaroos instead of dogs?

  9. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

    Yes, lot of beer is being drunken (correct grammar? ;)) in Germany, I think 120 litres / year and person, but other European countries like GB have only slightly lower numbers, if you had the image we'd be drunk all day long: NO :) (btw, Heineken is a brewery from Holland... we normally drink the beer which is brewed from smaller brewerys where we live. The town I live next to has 70000 inhabitants and 3 brewerys ;)) And yes, we eat Bratwurst, but also not as much as you might think, it's just a normal meal one eats, don't know, one or two times every month or so... I think we are generally interested in poltiics a lot (in comparison to countries like USA), but topics like Marx don't play a role, we concentrate on today's policits, our own problems as well as for example the Iraq war... If you want to know more, just ask :)
  10. flowerspirit

    flowerspirit Member

    I don´t drink beer and don´t eat Bratwurst.
  11. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

    Well, I don't like beer very much, but I eat Bratwurst.. our neighbour makes the best ones on the whole word *mmh* ;)
  12. Kastenfrosch

    Kastenfrosch Blaubeerkuchen!! HipForums Supporter

    I like tofu Bratwurst. but that's not very german at all. an american teacher called me very ungerman, because I don't like Gasthaus. (in a way like a pub, you can also eat there, so it's also a restaurant, but not very formal, usually only simple meals like schnitzel and regional specialties) And people drink a lot of beer there.
  13. mmm tofu bratwurst... yeah Australians tend to drink a lot of beer too. lol southernman, yeah we all have kangaroos. we ride them to school every day. :p

    i have this image of Germany where people sit around in a pub with live music eating pretzels and drinking beer (or red wine, or port) and discussing left wing politics. i guess its not all like that. but its an image that is infinitely better than that of Australia. hehe

    most people here aren't all that interested in politics and unfortunately the majority of voters are conservative. Aussie people love their sport. and love to drink. at pubs. a lot. and i guess it's not all that bad, but i kinda get the feeling that Australia lacks somewhat in the culture department. maybe it's because we only have 200 years of history...

    tell me, what's Germany like politically? majority left? majority right?
  14. Kastenfrosch

    Kastenfrosch Blaubeerkuchen!! HipForums Supporter

    politics? in a way it's like everywhere two major parties, one is suppose to be more liberal, one is suppose to be conservative. As it turns out the one is conservative and the other one super conservative. Quote from a former left wing politician of a smaller party: "the question today is who's going to take away your dental plan, and not wheather it's going to happen at all" so it doesn't really matter. it does....but more in terms of foreign policy. The opposition is just opposition without being rational, they just scream against everything, and say they could do it better, but they would have to face the same problems.

    There are also tons of smaller parties, but of course the majority of the voters sticks to the two big ones. except the greens, they are gaining and I have the feeling they are becoming a third force, which is good. I don't like how the greens do some things, but it shows what people want, more environmental awareness.

    But I have the feeling that most people are conservative here too.
  15. I for one think that politic in germany sucks because if you would know some of the conservative voters you would know that say just can scream and don't argue a normal way. They just scream at you because they think you'll be quite if they do that.

    They just won't face that they have done a few bad things in history and that most of our todays problems are connected with those mistakes like no money for the olds etc.

    I think our last president, Helmuth Kohl, has done so much shit we still don't know today... but that's just my left-winged opinion.

    If you vote in germany you have a very bad choice: vote for republicans or for people that just aren't strong enough like it is in America and every other fucking country.

    No real alternative. Sad so.
    I really like Kangaroos and Koalabears!
  16. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

    I hope the Greens will get stronger in future... And yes, Helmut Kohl (who was our CHANCELLOR btw ;)) has done a lot of shit, but the real shit is that Schröder, who is now chancellor, has to deal with the consequences of Kohls politics, and the conservatives now say this would all be Schröders fault...
  17. thats what I mean
  18. i'd have to agree with you there. i didnt realise it was so similar in other countries. we have the conservatives and the conservative-lefts and then we have the greens (and then the other minor parties). it is quite disappointing.

    i envisaged Germany to be a little more left than Australia however. who is in power now? the conservatives? or the conservative-lefts?
  19. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

    Well, acutally the "conservative lefts" are the "Social Democratic Party of Germany" (SPD), but they just behave a bit conservative at the moment ;) They're together with the greens in power at the moment. But Germany is a federal republic, so the states (like Bavaria) have an own institution called "Bundesrat" to which every state sends some politicians. The Bundesrate is able to blockade a lot of laws, and it has a conservative majoritiy, so the government can do what they want, the conservatives must agree to the most important laws, and that's very bad... So the conservatives say "No!" to everything on the one hand, and on the other hand they accuse the government for doing nothing - really bad situation. Germany needs reforms at the moment, but the conservatives just don't let the laws pass so they can blame the government :mad:
  20. The conservatives say: "Why don't you spend money in this or that"
    then the democrates spend money and the conservatives say:
    "We would never do this!"

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