Bladder Infections

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Merenwenelanesse, Jun 5, 2004.

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    is there anything I can do besides drink losta water and cranberry juice...I'll go to the doctor if I must but it just started tonight and is pretty mild so I thought maybe I could fix it myself...
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    Eating yogurt and drinking cranberry juice and water daily will help prevent further infections, but they don’t do much to cure one that’s already occurring.

    Allow me to describe my past experience with bladder/urinary tract infections. Maybe it’ll help you.

    I've had a couple UTI's, pretty close together too. It wasn't very pleasant. I went to a doctor, and she prescribed Bactrim along with a pain reliever called phenazopyridine hydrochloride . It turns your pee bright orange, and that was kinda cool. It takes away the pain and allows you to pee without burning, so your bladder is allowed to be fully emptied (which is important for treating the infection). It relaxes the bladder and takes away the constant "have to piss" feeling.

    So this infection went away with the Bactrim, but another one came just a couple weeks later. I couldn't get a doctor's appointment right away and I was in pain so I went to the store to see if I could find some pain reliever made for UTI's. I found this stuff called "AZO Standard", made with the exact same stuff the gyno prescribed to me (Phenazopyridine hydrochloride). It worked great. Just keep in mind that this stuff only treats the pain and does nothing for treating the infection.

    I finally got to the doctor and this time was prescribed Cipro along with the phenazopyridine hydrochloride. It went away with that, but just a couple weeks later, I felt that familiar twinge when I peed. So frustrating! I didn't want to go to the doctor again. Plus, I felt like the antibiotics they were giving me weren't strong enough, so I took it into my own hands. I had some amoxicillin capsules left over from a couple months before when a dermatologist prescribed it for my acne. But I never took it so I had nearly a whole bottle left. I researched online and found out that amoxicillin is a common antibiotic for treating bladder infections, so I decided to take it. It worked, and I haven't had a UTI since.
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    I take antibiotics if I must. After a treatment of antibiotics you are prone to candida,,do some research on it. I am treating mine and it is HARD!!
    If the pain isn't soo bad I take Uva Ursi ,,an herb that helps treat infections. You can prolly find some good info on the net about this. Also I take cranberry extract daily. Those can also be found with the herbs. I will buy fresh cranberries and juice them with an apple and drink that 2-3 times a day. Most store bought cranberry juice has added sugar which is not good for an infection.
    I used to get them 1-2 monthes and I find that taking cranberry extract daily ,,drinking a gallon of water a day (it's alot but it feels good) and staying away from caffine.
    Also ,,do you pee after sex?? Thats a big culprit! I guess during sex fluids can get pushed up there,,so when you pee after it flushes them out asap. Good Luck

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