Black Panther in the forest - Salvia Trip.

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  1. This would be my first post ever in this website. I feel the need to communicate with a Conscious community and sadly in my location many people are asleep.
    Unaware of the invisble worlds we live in. Enslaved by society and kept closed minded.

    I'd really like to hear your point of view or interpretation of my vision.
    Any feedback would help.

    Setting: sitting inside my car,parked by a fence(see-through), by a green well Maintained baseball field complementing the clear blue sky.
    (Sunny day) no pedestrians near just 2 close friends in the car with me.

    Mood: Calm yet cautious and a little scared of what Salvia will show me.
    Okay let's begin.

    It was my third time smoking salvia, I'd yet to have a long profound experience but I have seen distant dreamy like images the last few times. I stuffed the pipe with Salvia Extact(10x) and took a deep hit. Hold it in as long as I could until I felt my mind reacting to it.

    At first I played some psychedelic music and felt very stoned as if I was a king floating in a cloud chair inside a dome of smoke. The feeling was peaceful and floaty as if I was levitating.

    I picked up the pipe and took another hit of what was left over. Soon after the exhale I stared at the fence and felt it moving a little. My head began to slowly recline back as if looking towards the sky and my eyes began rolling to the back of my eyes lids without me controlling it. It was like a force pulling me.

    I looked at the fence and seen it morph into an infinite reflection of fences like how mirrors do when put them against each other,it went deep into infinity.
    Soon it collapse and I begin to see beautiful white pedaled and yellow middle flowers, growing out the branches of a tree. It had thorns and spikes yet it was beautiful and moved as if it was growing rapidly. A swirl of yellowish colors appeared before me. Swirling like a vortex into infinity for about a good minute. I'm left astonished and can only speak these words "wow, wow, omg.."
    Once It stop, I seen a forest, and a blue sky. Big Trees everywhere, I seem to be on a river floating on something,because in front of me is the river, couple yards away was the forest and couple feet away was land. soon my eyes catch a black panther walking around in the land by the sand. He seem to be following me as I go with the current. I then see a log that belonged to that tree with flowers, floating and without noticing. The Panther is on it. Chewing on it, chilling.. Going down river with me. I didn't feel threatened, if anything I felt like He was joining me.
    Then the flowers with white pedals and a yellow center, came up again, growing rapidly and moving. Soon after the swirl came back and the last thing I seen was the swirls collapsing untill I began to see my cars windshield again, the last thing I seen was how my cars steering wheel had turn into that yellowish swirling color, and once it reach the center. It morphed back into the cars steering wheel and I was back.

    Could there be meaning behind this Black Panther and the swirls of color?
    What did the flower represent?
    [ Btw my last name is "Flores" Spanish for Flowers.]
    Any one got an opinion or like to share something? Feel free too.

    I really need to get my vision in the hands of a Shaman, I know it has a deeper meaning..
  2. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    I'm not really going to try and interpret your visions but I find it interesting that your trip was so earthy.

    I find Salvia trips tend to produce more of a mechanical, underworld/interdimensional feel, although I tend to smoke it at night. The only thing I somewhat relate with visually on your trip, is visualizing a tree once which seemed to hold souls.

    I have been contemplating trying oral Salvia for awhile now and trip reports like yours have me excited to try that.
  3. Tree of souls, hmm.. I can imagine so much meaning behind it.

    It's cool if you didn't interpret it. If anything I'm glad you took the time to read it an respond.
    I have this idea that these vision can be seen as a dreams thefore they can be interpreted through a dream dictionary for its meaning but I still feel the need to find ideas outside my own box.

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