Bisexual Youtuber Alex G proposed her girlfriend and she said ‘yes’

Discussion in 'Gay News' started by benrojers, May 14, 2018.

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    Youtuber Alex Gronlund, or shortly Alex G, has revealed on Instagram that she has proposed her girlfriend, poet Torri Horness., whom she called 100% her person and her best friend. I hope they will be happy.
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    i've seen some "famous" youtubers. it's a pretty big deal when any of them have a significant other.
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    I love love but I don't know who these people are
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    Once I worked in the children's Department of a medical institution for a couple of years, where in General, my parents brought teenagers with the idea that their homosexuality is all a mental disorder, and let us urgently treat our child, and it will get rid of this all. Of course, in the end they were at the reception at me, and quite a typical picture: a father with his head down in terrible shame, a mother in a hysterical fit and a child, or in complete despair, or with a glimmer of hope that the specialist will be some other views and be able to convince parents. And so, the law on "gay propaganda", it was adopted just the second year of my work in this institution. And it affected my work, complicating it.
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    it is a far walk between youtubers and the above nonsensical post? say your parents brought children to your work for de-gaying?....that's is fucked up......please clarify...may be a mistranslation from original language?

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