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Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by redshoes, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Mwm8.5c

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    I am a 40yo married man who has recently discovered his bisexual side. I think as most it started as having another guy blow me and progressed to me tipping and then sucking and then ultimately building up the nerve to bottom, which is what sparked the interest all along but I didn’t have the nerve to try. I always wondered how it felt to take a cock up the ass. I am actually 100% verse and find it much easier to find eager bottoms wanting my big married dick as opposed to finding a decent functioning, preferably married top. I do love watching a man take my length. Most women I’ve been with cannot take me up the ass where as men just live it! It also feels so dirty and taboo fucking another guy or being fucked by another guy. I’ve only bottomed a handful of times and takes me some getting used to it but once I’m comfortable I want it long and hard and all I can get! I love the feeling of a giant creampie and having it secretly leak out all night while hanging out at home. I wish my wife was more open as I’d love to get bred and eat her pussy at the same time. Or even eat another mans load out of her or off her nice thick dark bush! Preferably from a giant uncut black dick. I would eat a Peter North sized load off her bush, clean his dick, and beg him to fuck me when hard again!
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    Hi all, I am a 67 year old guy who always thought it was a woman I wanted. Now I am more interested in sucking a cock than having a woman. I do live with a lady but no sex for last 5 years or so. But was out earlier and sucked a friend off.
    I am only into sucking the cock,no anal or kissing.
    Does this make me an asshole? Or just someone wanting safe Bi sex.
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    As a married, closeted, bi-guy I prefer the emotional aspect of having a relationship with women. I am not really physically attracted to men like I am women and have never thought wow he’s hot like I do with women almost daily. My interest in men is purely sexual, I don’t even want to kiss a man. I do love to suck a nice big uncut cock though! I also love anal sex both top and bottom. The feeling of taking a big bare cock up my ass is both menatally and physically extremely satisfying. It’s just so socially taboo that I think the thought of having another man’s load leaking out of me at the dinner table unbeknownst to everyone there is a huge turn on! At the same time, I have a pretty large cock (8.5” and thick) and love to watch it slide all the way up another man’s right hairy litttlw asshole till I shoot ropes of cum all over his insides! I love to pound on my wife’s little pussy too, especially when she grows out her bush for me! I will secretly cum in her and go down on her and eat my load off her bush and out of her then fuck her again till I “cum”
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    I'm 28 now and discovered my bi side when I was roughly 15. A friend and I were horny teens that started jerking together and eventually one thing led to another and I became his bottom boy. A few years later a FWB thing started with me and a much older daddy-type guy. The foreplay, sex, fucking and everything in between was incredible and ever since, I've had a preference for much older men. I love being their young "go-to" that's down for whatever. And, I lovveeee having a reason to moan, "cmon harder daddy."

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