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  1. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    Alright...sorry if this seems a little childish...but im tired of the flaming that takes place here for no reason.

    Since to certain members it seems so outlandish that I had been dosing 3 times a week for a month...i just thought i'de make a thread to see the opinions of others.

    Whats the longest time frame you have gone with the shortest intervals between trips. Mine is 2-3 trips a week for a month...which i will never agian repeat. HPPD is kind of gay, and the magic is definatly lost when you dose that much. Not to mention the money with having to gobble like 40 hits a gulp. But when you have replenishing amounts of blotter at your disposal then why not? Any psychonaut would have a hard time keeping their hands out the the freezer when its loaded with tasty treats.
  2. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    2 times a week for 2 months. i then learned from my mistake, and took a 5 month break.

    id rather not trip that much, it loses its magic very quickly.
  3. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    it defiantly willy wonka do you agree that tripping that much in a short time span isnt as outlandish as some people make it out to be...certian people flame everything i say and call me a lyer because i trip and still post on hipforums...i dont know how that makes me a lyer but i guess w.e.
  4. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    The only thing that limits the lsd experience is the imagination. Some people can trip endless times and never lose the love or magic, etc, but maybe its a secret as to how to do that, I don't know.
  5. desert nightmare

    desert nightmare Senior Member

    psychemike- just don't let peoples bullshit bring you down. as readily as i can get it, i could take it as often as you, but i don't because i can't afford it.
  6. Peter Popper

    Peter Popper Tripper

    just that people watch movies like fear and loathing, and really in the reall world things are different. but then again, different people handle things in differnt ways. if i go through a drug binge (not lsd, only taken that once) of like E's, ice, weed, random pills, ill probaby visit this forum like once a month or somthing, when normally it would be regular. and all the normal shit you do just doesnt happen and you just sit and stare at the floor. these people are assuming thats what should happen if you dose acid that much. for me id say id loose it for sure.
  7. Peter Popper

    Peter Popper Tripper

    in a sense i see it that if someone truelly respected LSD for the 'wonder drug' it is, than they may only dose a few times in their life with extended periods between doses.
    it seems that when used to damn frequently it causes more negative side affects than good ones.
  8. man this is what i say in my opinion lucy is the best drug ever created by man and if you want to do it that often i have no prob with it
  9. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    Tripping weekly is normal for people in psychedelic cultures/religions and some do it that much for their whole life. Psychedelics are nothing new, people they have been doing them since before history and they will do it after.
  10. Peterness

    Peterness Member

    Really it's subjective, some people can reintergrate better than others, some people can have a very profound expereince and not feel the need to trip again for months/years.

    Other people do it more than they are comfortable with, though I think this is a small minority. I think these people are either very naive or have psychological problems, which is very unfortunate.
    I also blame a lack of real accurate drugs education as opposed to the propaganda that we have now, as well as the fact that these drugs are prohibited.

    That said, I think dosing with LSD three times a week is really pushing it, it leaves no time for reintergration...The tribes and ancient civilisations who used psychedelics didn't take it this often probably out of respect...If you posted this at places like bluelight PsycMyke, I imagine you'd get far harsher responses than you are getting on this forum here...

    So maybe take a step back and listen to what people are saying rather than taking it as an insult and getting offended by it??? People are probably just concerned rather than trying to have a go at you (ok there are exceptions here I know people have said harsh things to you).
  11. Colimon

    Colimon Cheesus Christo

    At one point I was tripping a lot when I first started, but I cut that off in like 2 months. Now it's only once a month (if I'm lucky)..

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