Billy Mays a local hometown HOPE (SOAP)

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by deleted, Feb 5, 2009.

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    Mays was born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school, he began his career as a salesman on the Atlantic City boardwalk, selling the "Washmatik" portable washing device to passersby. Working alongside other pitchmen, he developed his trademark style of salesmanship.

    Mays later traveled to home shows, auto shows, and state fairs across the United States for a period of twelve years, selling various maintenance products and tools, including cleaning products and food choppers

    His mother Joyce Mays is the Notary. And has many pictures of here son on her wall including this one..,_Pennsylvania

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    I have a feeling this thread aint gonna get too many posts
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    I was hoping for some egg tossing. But eh'.. :(
    I see the Hope Soap pic expired.. see if I can get it again. '
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    I smacked off a couple times to him.... his beard would feel nice on my freshly shaven nut bag

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