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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by DoktorAtomik, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Generally, I have no problem with the exploitative nature of Big Brother. If people want to go on national television to have themselves humiliated in front of the whole nation, well that's their choice. But having caught an ickle bit of this latest series (the Atomikette made me watch it. Honest!), I can't fucking believe that someone like Kitten has been allowed into the house.

    Here you have someone who's clearly mentally unstable. I mean ok, she's obnoxious and irritating, but she's also mentally unwell. She's allegedly been a prostitute from an early age, and clearly has some pretty deep routed issues. She's a very troubled individual who clearly has problems with intimacy and relating to her peer group, and suffers from very low self esteem.

    Would anyone really be surprised if she had a mental breakdown? Does it look like it's actually doing her any good being in that house? Does she look equipped to cope with the subsequent fallout? Would any psychiatrist recommend that someone like that should subject themselves to the Big Brother experience?

    I'm pretty disgusted that Channel 4 has opted to exploit someone like this for the sake of entertainment. It's obvious that she's been chosen for her confrontational nature and the dynamic that that will bring to the program, but it's equally obvious that no consideration has been given to her mental well being or the effect that this will have on her.

    Does anyone else feel the same way?

  2. JOsie

    JOsie Member

    it's not the first time it's happened...

    and tv will always apeal to the lowest common demoninator...which is laughing at vulnerable people...if everyone in the house's trousers fell down at the same time the ratings would go through the roof...if someone fell over onto their face it would be on the front page of the sun the next day...the idea behind was seeing the "ordinary" lives of people...just being able to peek in on peoples secrets...but now it's all about making them fight, or argue or beat each other to a bloody pulp...the whole point of making it "evil" was to make them argue more or get upset more...which is why they picked unstable people...and a gay nazi and an asian's all about putting things that don't go together very very close...

    like on soaps when theres a crash...or someone dies...or something mad happens thats when the ratings are the highest...this is all about seeing that...but in real life...people love to see arguments...just so they have something to gossip about and fill their empty lives...
  3. butterfly

    butterfly Member

    Her dad says she wasn't a prostitute, and was at private boarding school until the age of about 17, and then went to uni until a little while ago.
    But mentally unbalanced, yes.
    I think she's giving anti-capitalist protestor lesbians a bad name....
  4. showmet

    showmet olen tomppeli

    It is pretty dispicable, and it looks like they have really scraped the barrel in going for ratings this time. As the novelty wears off they have to get more and more cruel and exploitative to keep people interested. I saw the first BBLB (Dermot O'Leary is a comedy genius and way too good for that programme) and the footage from the open auditions at the Excel centre reminded me of when I went in for Pop Idol last year*. They actively encourage desperate people to do desperate things just for some recognition and cheap fame.

    (*Long and boring account of which here:
  5. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    I just think Kitten is very inmature. She may have a lot of good things to say about her beliefs, but she can't separate what she believes in to her behaviour. She's probably trying to act tough, anarchist and be a rebel to conform to what she thinks she should be, but at the same time it is isolating her.

    I just heard she was kicked out of the house last night, which I think it's good. This year's BB is quite entertaining but I think I grew out of it, i used to like it quite a lot, especially the first one, after that it just went downhill...besides I have a life now, so no time for TV.:D
  6. shes out now anyway, she'll be forgotten soon enough.

    haha, i watch my first ever 10 mins of it last night after reading this. i dont thi k im going to do it again.
  7. JOsie

    JOsie Member

    the thing i didn't get...if kitten was so anti everything and free thinking and all mad and anarchistic and against following rules...why the fuck was she on a game show where the rules are "do what i say or you'll be sorry"
  8. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Poor mental health. Simple.
  9. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    or she might just be a cronical attention seeker.
  10. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    .... which is usually an indicator of poor menatal health and deep personality problems.
  11. rainbow dew

    rainbow dew Member

    thank you doc, i totally agree. she has severe mental problems and i can't believe they put her in their either. she looked terrofied half the time but hid it behind her outbursts and attampts at seeming confident. i hope she gets the help she needs....

    x x x
  12. showmet

    showmet olen tomppeli

    I was a little stoned last night and ended up watching the late-night Big Brother live thing (bad, I know). They were drunk and started fighting. It was just like any Saturday night brawl you see in the street at closing time. This series is a lot more "lord of the flies" than any of the others I have seen and it seems they've gone about as low as they possibly can.,14173,1240951,00.html
  13. JOsie

    JOsie Member

    that was the whole point of it...making it meaner so that there would be fights and arguments...and they cut it all out and stopped the broadcast...they should make their minds up what they want...if they're trying to get people to fight...and then cut it when the fighting starts whats the point?
  14. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

    Not watched it... and dont intend to.

    That prog just makes me despair of people:confused:

    Or maybe I'm getting old:p

    Don't reply to that thought...please!!!
  15. *lips are sealed*:p
  16. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

    Having said that.... tonights episode is damn damn funny!!!:eek: :p
  17. butterfly

    butterfly Member

    Oh my god, did you see it?!?!?! OOOOOOHHH!!!!

    How exciting!!! ;) :D
  18. Smiling_Rose

    Smiling_Rose Member

    I think the whole point of Big Brother is to make people have conversations like this; if you don't approve of it, then why are you watching it? Refering back to the begining of this thread, I think kitten may have been a total act. Most people have realised she was partly (the prostetute thing ect) but I recon she could have been putting that whole phsco thing on. When talking about herself she seemed to know what all her errors were, ect. Once again, i think the reason she acted like that was to provoke conversations like this one... just an idea.
    Just remember that everyone in that house voluntered to be there, and could leave at anytime. Its not a prison.
  19. hess

    hess Member


    Given that Big brother is probably Channel 4's biggest tv programme each year, we must look to there closest rival, ITV, and there best programme, Bad Girls.

    Now Bad Girls is a show about criminals at Larkhall Prison. Since the start of the series, Larkhall has been subject to fires, rape, a gay wing governer, corrupt po po, and Yvonne Atkins.

    Essentially, the best part of bad girls this year, was Tanya Turners brief stay at Larkhall, due to beeing a coke head. She brought a whole knew world of comedy and drama, and ITV used a great idea of using a character from another FANTASTIC SERIES (footballers wives) in a equally orgasmic programme. Tanya's presence in Bad Girls can only be equaled by the presence of Victar in Big brother, a equally badass ghetto youth. He has tought us of his plans to destroy the house, and has also comforted us by showing us his love for his mother. Following a argument with Emma, Nadia, and various other housemates, he said "All i want now is a hug from my mum, and to tell me everythings going to be ok". This shows a sensitive side, to his badass alter-ego. Victar has also been suffering from the Sniffels this series, lets hope he gets better soon.

    ITV have had to use the Julie J and Julie S for there comedy mainly this series, this has been made possible by one of them beeing brighter, and the other, slightly dipsee. Comedy has been achieved by Julie S lusting after a prison guard, watching them sow, and also washing up.

    The only way Channel4 could attract more viewers, was to place a equally amazing couple in the house, emma and michele. These two were locked up for half a week, in a room, while watching the housemates. The effect was causing a fight on there first night of returning to the house, between Emma, Nadia, Victar, and Jayson. Nadia won. also, there comical acts were, michelle singing, emma making some mistakes, and on one occasion saying "i need a poo:mad: !!" while being stuck under a table.

    Bad Girls' main evil villian has to have been Yvonne Atkins (R.I.P). She has been cut, murdered, framed, and also had sex in her cell with her "lawyer". Her counterpart has to be, the one, the only, Vanessa. her acts this series have included foolin around with Jayson, crying, trying to be american, and being better than everyone else.

    Considering that Bad Girls is mainly made up of these 4 characters, channel 4 have out done them selves creating a elite team of comedy, drama, and action, anything else is a bonus. Allow me to introduce you to two legends of TV in 2004, and years to come; MARCO AND AHMED!







    Ladys and Gentelmen, Big brother 2004, 1 to watch.
  20. Smiling_Rose

    Smiling_Rose Member

    Are you doing Media Studies by any chance? :p

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