Bi-Sexual Bedtime stories

Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by profezzor_x, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. profezzor_x

    profezzor_x Member

    It's been a while since I've heard some really good bisexual encounter stories. And if they do exist here, they're all scattered throughout some of the individual threads. So I figure this would be a good place to try and consolidate some of those stories, or even new ones.

    So please, do us bi-guys and bi-girls the honors of posting your most explicit bisexual story. Spare no detail from beginning to end... the nastier the better.
  2. ukpokerplayer

    ukpokerplayer Member

    i dont understand hwy people want hear the stories, i find it perverted
  3. sunshine186

    sunshine186 midnight toker

    Then I suggest you don't read them.
    That's one solution.
  4. sunshine186

    sunshine186 midnight toker

    To each their own, man.
  5. Si69

    Si69 Senior Member Lifetime Supporter

  6. born2suckcock

    born2suckcock Member

    I have my own website where I post all the stories that I write.

    you can check it out at

    It's completely free and all the stories there are written by me.

    I hope that is not considered spam. I figured it would be alot easier to send him to my site than to try and write a story for this thread.
  7. TBDM Miasma

    TBDM Miasma Member

    Anyone have gym shower stories??

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