Bi.Curious and Married

Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by DerryM32, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. DerryM32

    DerryM32 Guest

    Is there other guys in my same situation. Been bi.curious for years and years, now married and still very curious.
    I get hard and wank off to gay porn online. Wanted to suck dick and take it up the ass for a while.
    But married now and just dont want to cheat. But the urge is always there or if it goes away it always comes back.
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    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    Sounds Like The "Window Of Opportunity" Has Passed You By...[​IMG]

    Cheers Glen.
  3. Nightbreeder

    Nightbreeder Member

    1. Cheat.
    2. Continue to be curious in private.
    3. Talk to your wife.

    You don't want #1. You already have #2. That only leaves one choice. You never know. She might be turned on by it. Who knows where that could lead...
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  4. PhotoDude

    PhotoDude Member

    I agree, talk to your wife. You never know, but maybe she'll let you bring in another bi man into the bed with you and then all three of you can have fun.
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  5. saint70

    saint70 Guest

    I've been married for 10 years but I don't find men attractive, it's just the thought of sucking a cock makes me aroused occasionally? My sex life is very healthy...I'm 43 and this has only started recently?
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  6. Jakesman

    Jakesman Guest

    It's a funny thing being bi-curious. I have always been. I'm married and have children. Although I'm not into anal sex, but I love being close to another guy's body, touching, stroking playing and watching the effects it has on his body! I adore the male physique and what better than to be so close to it.

    I equally love a woman's body - I think it's a skin thing.

    Talking to wife may have different responses - my experience is BAD!! Few woman are OK with it.
  7. PhotoJoe

    PhotoJoe Guest

    Women are intuitive, beautiful, and knowing. I was married 17 years and told my wife I was Bi. Her answer? "I know" We are still together. We agreed on an open marriage and have been going strong for 2+ years. I don't know if your wife will be as cool as mine, but I wish you the best....:):sunny:
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  8. Valakut

    Valakut Guest

    I was exactly where you were at one point. Except, I slipped and told my wife after a night of heavy drinking a couple months before we got married. She was shocked, but doesn't really care.
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  9. cantabile10

    cantabile10 Guest

    I feel the same way, married, etc. But I honestly don't feel that sex with another guy is "cheating;" it is something totally different from man/woman, much more one dimensional, at least for me.
  10. gm445

    gm445 Guest

    Im a straight guy but have had fantasies for the last few years about experimenting with another guy. I love my cock and get really turned on when I think about sucking a nice hard cock. Everytime I masturbate I think of getting sucked and stroking and sucking cock. One day I'll find the right person and sure at some point itll happen.
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  11. in the same boat
  12. DerryM32

    DerryM32 Guest

    Its an incredibly difficult situation. I know if I told my wife it would break her heart and things between us would never be the same.
    I wish I had've done something when i was single or at university but I wasnt in the 'gay scene' and they never had Grindr or Gaydar then and i didnt know anyone...

    All i fantasize about is having a big dick in my ass... At this stage it'll never happen though.
  13. I am also in the same situation... married and bi... which makes those fantasies with another man even more powerful in a way, as they are unattainable (unless you are ready to cheat).

    Its frustrating how horny it makes me thinking about having someone work my hole ;)
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  14. Profezzor X

    Profezzor X Guest

    After almost a year, my buddy and I finally got together for a suck off. We're both married, and bisexual, but the only difference is his wife knew of his past, while mine does not. Anyway, we're both black with thick 8 inch cocks, and it's a pleasure for both of us to suck each other to completion. We were suppose to get together on Monday, but his business meeting time was changed, so I ended up jerking off my 4 day load a couple of times all by myself. Then the next day he texted me to come pick him up, since he's only a 5 minute drive away. I did, and we came back to my place. We didn't waste any time, so we headed to the bedroom, put a sheet over my bed, and we 69'd the entire time. In all, I think we did this for a good hour and a half. But because I came really hard a couple of times the day before, I just didn't seem to want to cum that day when he was there. But that didn't stop him from deep throating me to the base, and rimming my ass like it was his last day on earth.

    The beauty about him is that he really loves to please, so he'll go out of his way to make me feel good. I'm not the best cock sucker out there, but I can get pretty passionate and love to worship a cock up in my face. He did give me lots of precum, which I eagerly swallowed every few seconds, and he did the same. It seemed that we weren't going anywhere with the sucking, with the exception of me coming close to orgasm a couple of times, but my prostate just wasn't having it. So to get him off, I volunteered to semi bottom for him. I've bottomed before, but end up paying the price for the following 3 to 4 days, because my ass isn't use to being stretched like that. it's extremely uncomfortable to sit, go to the bathroom, and just about everything else you can imagine. Besides, as thick as he is, he would have undoubtedly torn me open. So instead, I just bent over and let him rub my hole, spit on it, and rub his cock on it while I cupped and gently massaged his balls. Sure there were times when he'd tease my hole with his head, which I didn't mind, but we both knew that it wasn't going to happen. There were actually a couple of times when he got the head in, and it felt good, but the girth of his cock, and my super tight ass weren't compatible at all. Besides, I wouldn't want to feel that discomfort again for the next few days. Although I certainly would have loved to feel his hot warm cum just inside my asshole, but it didn't happen.

    In the end, I flipped over on my back while he stood in front of me as if we were in a missionary position. We then jerked off together with out cock heads touching. This went on for a good twenty minutes as we both touched cock heads occasionally, and that's when he let out a moan and shot his load all over my cock and balls. It was so hot that I eagerly squeezed out all the cum from his cock and used it as lube to jerk my eagerly stiff cock. This isn't the first time that we've done that. In fact, it's how we always finish our get togethers. I think there was just one time that I came in his mouth, and he came in mine, but I didn't swallow. He tends to cum a lot, but I like that... As for me, I just got really hard after jerking off with his cum covering my hand and cock from his load, but I just didn't have it in me to cum. It's okay though, there will be other times. I still enjoyed myself.
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  15. tjspacific81

    tjspacific81 Guest

    I to was the same way now married and my wife pounds my ass hoping to explore more I just had to be honest with her and my self
  16. sorosoidka

    sorosoidka Guest

    Hi, I am a new joiner. sorry, but did not know where to post my first introducing message. in a short. I am married, have two kids, and like a bi guy, who is younger. We had sex, tremendous and great many times for the last months, everytime with many orgasms...on his side, and on mine...The first time we did it, he did not know I was married. no matter that there are pics of my two kids on my FB page... i told him right after the sex and he was kind of shocked. Then the second time he told me no love, just sex. I said ok, though I was not honest with my answer ...The third time it started to get clear that he is bi. but i accepted it without any conserves... he is so gentle and smart and kind so I accepted everything...Then he told me to fist him. I did it. He said I am a naturally born fister....Then the last week...he started to write no answers to me for hours, then days...i started to get it clear his attention is no more focused on me...I missed to say that we are working together...kind of colleagues...but in different offices...The next day he came and kissed if nothing to worry about...BUT still, as we are communication only by FB messanger, the very next morning I sent him:"Is it wrong the feeling I have that you are using me". He said "WTF"...I calmed down...later in the day my female intuition made me sniff through his FB likes and bang I saw he is sending likes and kiss icons to a girl...who is bi...we talked about this and even met and spent 2 hours together and he explained he likes her, but he is not stopiing having sex with me....he said it's not about love...i am totally confused he said so many things...but i don't want to lose him, as he really makes me smile and feel like a natural seducive and sexy woman...oh...sorry if my message is so unclear....but I WANT HIM SO MUCH...pls advice me what to do...and what not to do...btw the last three days i've been crying rivers of they stopped and one day he came again to my room...sitted on my bureau and started talking to me as if nothing has happened...i did not do anything and suddenly he came close to me and started kissing me again....i am so confused and lost...really
  17. bendiguy

    bendiguy Member

    I'm bi and married. My wife has no idea. About once or twice a year I find myself in a gay spa. This seems to give me the fix I need. I just love cock and I love to lick arse.
  18. Profezzor X

    Profezzor X Guest

    You're both BISEXUAL... That pretty much says it all (@sorosoidka). If you're married with kids, did you expect him to just be exclusive to you only, while you fuck your wife in addition to him too? Seriously? ...That's a pretty selfish thought. If he's single, which I'm getting the impression that he is, then YOU need to step back and understand his situation before YOU get too emotionally involved with this guy. After all, he has the power to walk away from your situation more than you can. And need I remind you that you weren't upfront with him with being married, so you really aren't in a position to question his decision to look elsewhere if he finds a girlfriend on the side, or as his main sex partner. I mean think about it, how would it look for him to be single all the time and not have someone in his life. Were you expecting him to just sit at home and think about you all the time and vise versa... I think not. If he has friends and family just like you, then they probably expect him to have a normal "heterosexual" relationship just like you would - provided they don't know he's bisexual.
  19. Smudge64

    Smudge64 Guest

    Me to. Married but my urges for cock won't go away. I'm not for playing away but is there anything wrong with swapping pictures and gay sex chatting? Would seem pretty harmless to me.
  20. xyzniloc

    xyzniloc Member

    Married and never tried anything with guy, but did end up chatting with a guy who liked my homoerotic story online. We ended up roleplaying stroking each other and him giving me head. I masturbated and squirted cum all over my desktop!

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