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    One of our seminar's homework is, that we ask married couples to write down some issues in their sexual relationship, and then discuss these together. Some have written to us later, telling that "discussing those eighth questions opened a new phase in our sex life..."

    1. Your spouse certainly does something you really like during sexual intercourse. What is it? - You can mention at least a couple of things. (When someone does something right, he/she should be encouraged in that!)

    2. Can you mention one thing in your sex life which your spouse has done, and which you do not especially like or enjoy? (Explain briefly why.)

    3. When or in what way you get most satisfaction during sexual intercourse?

    4. In your sexual intercourse, do you do something, which seems to bring special satisfaction to your spouse?

    5. Is there something, which you like, but which your spouse doesn't like?

    6. How often would you like to have sex? How often does your spouse seem to want it?

    7. When would you most prefer to have sex? When least?

    8. What do you like most in your sexual intercourse? What least?
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    so, many questions but i have only one answer.
    i love whatever my partner does.

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