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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by buggab0oxx, Jun 11, 2013.

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    I'm American and I recently just got back from Ireland. I had never had a one night stand before this night. On my second to last night there I met some Brazilian guys who took me dancing. One of them out of nowhere started making out with me. The best kiss of my life, it was rough and wet and his hands were all over my face right in public. I left him that night with my name and the feeling that I really wanted to see him again. He had told me how beautiful I was over and over in his accent and I fell for it. He ended up finding me on fb and we met up the next night. We had a couple drinks at a few bars but I was sober and really wanted to go to his place just to kiss him all night long.

    At first, I had no intention of having sex with him that night. It was my last night in Ireland, I had a bus to take at 7AM. I wanted to hook up, but i was seeing someone at home so I told him no sex. I thought I could get him to go in other ways. He just kept pulling down my dress and grabbing and kissing me everywhere while I kept telling him no sex. I jacked him off and gave him head for awhile to try and make him go then. Usually I can make guys go really fast with head so I was surprised when he didn't. I asked if he took a pill and why he hadn't gone yet. He said he wanted to go when we had sex.

    I gave in and it was the best sex of my life. Right before we did it he told me we were going to make love and remember that night forever. He wasn't afraid to grab and touch and kiss me everywhere. Everything he did was perfect. We had sex in four different positions and it was fun and we smiled and laughed and even talked some while doing it. I told him before we started that I liked long sex. We ended up having sex for almost two hours. I orgasmed so many times, but I was so confused because he hadn't once. It made me really self conscious. I loved how long we had sex but it made me feel like I wasn't good enough to make him go. He seemed like he was enjoying it. He did comment on how wet I was, but I thought that was a good thing? He did go eventually the second time I was on top and he said something about feeling dead. I was happy by how long the sex was but I can date guys for years and still make them go within minutes so it confused me. He still had boner after going too for the rest of the night and into morning. He swore to me he didn't take a pill that that was just the way he was.

    It was he kept making me stay longer and longer because he said he didn't want me to leave. We talked about how we would never see each other again but he said we should and that he wanted to skype with me. He even took the taxi with me all the way back to make out with me and give me a kiss goodbye. He was so sweet to me. It was like a dream.

    I don't want to have any type of relationship with him but I want to meet up with him again in the future, maybe in a few years to have sex with him again. So stupidly, I messaged him a few days later asking him if he ever wanted to skype. He hasn't answered and it's been days. I feel stupid and used. Or maybe I turned him off or wasn't good? But most of all I'm pissed off because I really just want to have sex like that again and I'm afraid I never will. I already had sex with the guy I was seeing before I left (he does know about what happened, we're in an open relationship), and now this sex sucks... Will I ever have great sex again now? All I do is think about this sex I had a week ago and how much I want it again. It's ruining my life!
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    Go out and find more. Brazillian guys in Ireland would be hot, but there is a lot of good sex out there.
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    Ask yourself what you want. How are other aspects of the relationship your in compare to other guys?

    What you had with that other guy was great and all but I think both parties understood it was a one night stand.

    If it's only been 3-5 days, before getting a response from the other guy I think that falls in the normal range of a response time, especially if he has a busy life.

    As for that stamina you experienced, perhaps you just really turned him on and he was just in good physical condition to keep a good firm, constant pace with his strokes, and heart rate (which affects erection hardness and longevity).

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