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  1. You read the title, whats the best form of rule a country could have? Why? How would it benefit the society as a whole? How would it benefit the individual? What are its strengths and what are the weaknesses?
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    None! You doing a project for a school class and want us to do your homework for you?
  3. AncientHippie

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    Whatever they are doing in The Netherlands works for me.
  4. school project... yeah... fuck school, the school system is so messed up anyway. I thought that you free wheeling hippies would have been able to use your massive imaginations to have dreamed up a political system that works. But I see that you guys are just too damn worried about someone doing school work.

    I already know what political system I agree with, but the only thing is, I'm still creating it.

    I keep forgetting that the number douche bags here totaly out weighs the number of people that are actually cool.

    ^^^I'm counting down how long it takes before someone uses this against me because they can't come with their own arguments^^^
  5. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Then share your idea.
  6. No acutally I'm just curious to see what you all think is a good form of rule, I'm acutally planning on dropping out of school and becoming an apprentice for an electrician or plumber.

    And if by none you mean no form of rule, you are extremly naive. For a society with no form of rule, no laws, no enforcement, no punishment, is only a society where the most hellaish things will occur. You will have murders, rapists, robbers, there wont be anyone to stop that person coming down the street from stealing your baby from your arms. There wouldn't health care, the society would just die off. That is partly why Anarchy will never work. The other reason... it would only be a matter of time before the strong find out who is the strongest and a dictatorship becomes installed.
  7. No, you could be doing a school project
  8. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Yeah at 57 I am still in school. Guess again. You can get a fair idea of most of us older posters by reading through the old posts. If you want to simply survey then post a poll and see what sort of answers you come up with. But it won't be accurate and your advertising or consulting company may not be able to establish it's efficacy.
  9. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Plumbers and electricians are usually not as evasive as you have been.
  10. Because asking someone what they feel is a superior form of rule is evasive and all...

    Really now do you have to be a douche bag? Is it that you just lack the mental capabilites to be able to talk about such things? Or is it that I'm asking such a thing that you don't understand? Really now, I'm interested as to why you don't answer the original question I have. I'm thinking its the way I originally posted the questions, they sound like school questions don't they? Its not like its a hard thing to answer.
  11. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Why should I share when you seem to be unable or refuse to do do so? You posed the question, it would only be a courtesy to post your view first.
  12. No wait, I think I know what it is now, you're worried that you're life experience and your ideas could be proved wrong by someone that is younger than you are... thats what it is, you're worried that your image on a forum could be tarnished because a 20 year old school drop out could come up with an idea that dwarfs yours. Its a shame what people worry about these days, its okay though I wouldn't want you to look like an idiot in front of all your friends in cyberland here.
  13. to do do so? I am, but I like to go last so I can provide my point as too why I feel that other people have inadiquate systems or why I feel that there systems are great. Now seriously could you stop trying to ignite a flame war and either post what you think is a good system or just leave my thread alone?
  14. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    I await your position before I dain to post my own. Why argue if I possibly agree with you?
  15. Because I know you arn't going to agree with me, and you are most likly going to call me a communist. But since you are showing a interest, (no matter how small this interest may be) I will at least post a couple of the distinct characteristics that my society will hold.

    First off, I believe in the common good of the society not the individual (call me a commy if you want but this is FAR from communisim). Because of this, most freedoms that people enjoy in 'democratic' countries will be removed, some examples, freedom of speech and press (for reasons of suppressing dangerous ideas and keeping the general public dumbed down), freedom to pick the job you wish to work at (if someone is good at a particular task then they should be doing that, not something else that are not good at, for obvious reasons). Couples will not raise their children, all infants will be taken from the parents and placed into a hidden school untill they are age 18, which will then be placed into a public school where their skills are honed and then a job is given to them. The leaders, there are 10 of them, the most intelligent people of all, they will be kept poor so that they cannot leave the country, they will not be allowed to see the public, the public will not be allowed to see them, they will not have TV, or Computers, or any of life's conveniences so that they will only focus on leading the society. There are 10 for the obvious reason to promote discussion which in turn is far better then Majority Rule and Voting. They will not be allowed to have families, or even a spouse.

    Thats about it without going into extreme detail, go ahead and flame away, because everyone I've told this too not matter what degree of detail I went into thought I was a madman. I've grown quite use to this, but yet still remain heavily at work on this. I forgot to add that the general populous will still be class divided and still have all the things that are around now, alcohol, drugs (both legal and illegal), any pleasure of the flesh, and every pleasure of the mind.
  16. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Why not make your beliefs into a religion. Forcing individuals to do the will of the society (Or is your "society" one which benefits the few over the many). How pleasant!

    My children are individuals and should have the freedom to choose their education and occupations for themselves. Not something that is based on the will of a select 10. Who chooses those 10...I am sure it's not the little man.
  17. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    I believe Mother Earth/Nature will win out over your regulated form of subservience. The beautiful and talented will work for the freedom of all to choose their life's course, not based on societal good but the good of the individual.

    Politics and religion can only hold the individual down so long...and then their arguments fall apart. Up the INDIVIDUAL! Do not give up your rights for empty promises. You are born alone you die alone, no one can offer you more. They try, they promise they will look after your children,... but since you are dead what actually do they provide? What good is their guarrantee?
  18. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    If your "TEN" are not allowed to be aware of the world and the people they govern how legiimate can their orders be? Whose interest will they be serving?

    It seems to me that is the world we already living in. One that only serves the rich. But right now it's not limited to only the crowned "TEN". There are questions being ask. And the lowly are asking for answers and accountability.

    If your "Ten" are without information or contact how will they answer the questions. Will it all be based on "FAITH". We've all seen how well that works.
  19. I fail to see any arguement here, but I will attempt to back my claims up.

    From what it seems in your first post there you are a advocate of freedom, and also of voting. So from there I am going to assume that you agree with democracy, which in itself is an error. But here is why I'm going to limit freedoms, if someone is great at one task lets say they're good at being organized, alright then why should that person waste that skill by instead being a cook? They're good at cooking but they're much better at organizing, so they should be working as someone who organizes things so that the society will benefit from their work instead of never feeling the benefit of the work.

    um, I don't see any beliefs in my post there, and I don't see anything that would benefit the few, because its all trying to form up to aid the greater good of the society.

    The select 10 are kept poor for a reason, so they wont be corrupt at all. I think I posted my ideas very poorly here to receive this reaction from you, allow me to post it in terms that you may hopfully understand. These terms will just be the short comings of other forms of rule that I am trying to correct and will be in list form.


    I think that about sets it apart from any other form of rule. I'm trying to get one to run off of Philosophy rather then the will of the 'dumb' public. Why should we allow some incopetent folks run our country when they obviously do not understand what is better for the entire society? I'm not sure you have ever noticed this but the things that are passed through congress and eventually the president NEVER benefit everyone, only a slim picking.

    These 10 individuals are picked through the school system, they are the ones that are found to express amazing intellectual abilities, the ones that can reason like no other. All of these students are round up and placed into a different program where the top 10 are selected and then become the apprentices of the top 10 in the very same building. The rest are trained to become teachers. While the ones that are not picked are taught the same basic things taught in schools today, but they are all taught why this form of rule is better when compared to others, much like schools now preach that Democracy is far superior when it indeed falls short of greatness.
  20. Since when did my 10 have money? Are you giving it to them? because if you are thats quite a shame, they are POOR, they HAVE NOTHING... the public is still divided into poor, middle class, and rich.... while the leaders... have NOTHING... can you read that? N-O-T-H-I-N-G at all. they live in a bigh house without anything other then food and a hole in the ground.

    I do see the problem in which you are listing here in this arguement of being informed. I now realise why other systems like one have one of 10 address the public and tell them whats going on. I was simply trying to eliminate that so that the public couldn't fuck anything up with that. I'm sure given time I could come with some better way then this that the public will be imformed and the 10 will be imformed.

    So for now, we will assume that one of the 10 will be allowed to address the public. But he will have no more or no less power then the other 9.

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