best movie of 2008?

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by Snyfin, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Snyfin

    Snyfin surfing the astral plane

    i'd have to say gran torino or maybe the dark knight. then again, with ticket prices, those are about the only two i saw in theatres.

    edit: fuck it. sorry, this should go in the sl
  2. kmarcher87

    kmarcher87 Member

    Pineapple Express
  3. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    Step Brothers or Pineapple Express or The Wackness
  4. CircaX43521

    CircaX43521 rat in a drain ditch

    The Wackness was pretty damn good.

    I'm not really sure what the best is though.
  5. DroneLore

    DroneLore h8rs gon h8, I stay based

    the wackness was overrated on this board. it was an okay movie, but with lines like, "all you see in life is the wackness. Me? I see the dopeness." you need to be really fucking good to pull of that profundity in slang shit, and this movie failed to do that IMO. it was still an enjoyable watch though.

    idk what my fav movie of the year was, i didnt watch that many. maybe rambo or there will be blood. i liked cloverfield a lot too.
  6. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    I disagree, i think it pulled it off near perfect. It was really easy to emphasize with the main characters, and it felt very genuine and realistic.
  7. If that pic is you in your sig you look exactly like a guy off the trailer park boys.

  8. BrandO84

    BrandO84 Member

    I'd have to go with The Dark Knight as the best from '08.
  9. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    The Dark Knight.

    It's the only movie I felt compelled to watch more than once. And that's a hell of a rarity for me.
  10. Subliminal89

    Subliminal89 A Tokémon Master

    Dark Knight. Pineapple Express is a close competitor
  11. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

  12. wetsocks

    wetsocks there's no one driving

    Dark Knight. there weren't really that many good movies in 08 compared to 07.
  13. lucjl volcin

    lucjl volcin Senior Member

    My two favorite movies were the dark knight and pineapple express, I cant really pick which one was better since the pineapple express was one of the best weed movies I've ever seen and the dark knight was the best batman movie ever made.
  14. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    Pineapple Express, without the shadow of a doubt!
  15. st. stephen

    st. stephen Senior Member

    milk.... that movie was so good. i was really surpirised by gran torino as well i thought it woud be dumb but i was blown away
  16. Subliminal89

    Subliminal89 A Tokémon Master

    what was the name of the movie with that kid from nickelodeon as a dealer? I would love to see that for some lolz
  17. comfortably_numb9

    comfortably_numb9 an asshole

    Tropic Thunder

    but wasnt gran torino in 2009
  18. DroneLore

    DroneLore h8rs gon h8, I stay based

    that's the wackness.
  19. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    I'm praying this was sarcasm.
  20. DroneLore

    DroneLore h8rs gon h8, I stay based

    nope, i'm not cool enough to bash well made and entertaining movies because they aren't chic :(

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