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Discussion in 'Busted!' started by CK420, Apr 16, 2007.

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    about 2 years ago me and my best friend got kicked out of our school for selling pot, we both quit for about a year then started again last 4/20
    his girlfriendwas completely against pot so we always had to be carefull about that (she is a controlling bitch) so the other day he calls me and tells me he got caught when his mom walked in while he was clearing his bong and appernetly flipped
    i knew all of this sucked but i thought it was just gona be like we wont hang out for a while or anything then in like 1-2 months we can hang out again even if we dont blaze but i just got this on my myspace

    "my folks are goign to call all my friends parents about them catching me. You should probably get all your stuff out of your house and in the garage or something until your sure they will not search your room(just looking out for a friend). Marrielle (his g/f) knows that I did it with you but my parents dont and I am quitting for good. I probably will not be able to hang out with you again, im sry... You can keep the movie.(he let me barrow the pick of destiny awesome movie) Again I am sry, and I am sry if what I Introduced you to turns out bad.

    I hope the best of luck to you,


    i dont want to never hang out with him again but i dont wana call either because his mom already suspects me and i wouldnt kno what to say if she answerd
    so i guess my question is is there anyway to mend our friendship? cuz we never got in a fight or anythign he just dosnt want to hang out with me cuz we used to light up together
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    ouch man, that's a tough situation

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