Best Deer Deterrent EVER

Discussion in 'Cannabis Outdoors' started by rangerdanger, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    As a mj farmer for decades, I've tried lots of different mthods of keep deer (and other critters except the 2-legged kinds) away from pot.
    A few weeks ago, my fertile brain came up with the best deterrent.
    Cheap and easy--here's how:
    -Get a roll of 4' high chicken wire. They come in rolls of 25'--50' at most large harware stores and isn't too expensive.
    -Cut 6' lengths, then join the 2 cut ends together with wire, forming a 4' long "tunnel" or tube.
    -Spray paint it brown or green (or both, camo style).
    -Lay the tubes on their sides. Encircle your plant(s) with these tubes. Secure them in place with tent stakes.
    That's it!

    When a deer steps on this hollow tube and starts putting pressure down on it, the tube starts to collapse and it freaks out the deer.
    It also impedes everything else, from bears to mice (although rabitts may dig under it).
    It even discourages snails & slugs!

    You can flatten these tubes and lash them onto your backpack for transport (at night preferably). I recommend covering them with a trash bag for concealment. Re-form them into tubes when you get to your garden.
  2. Olddude

    Olddude Member

    I live on some acres in N Cal, gated community, and the place is overrun with deer. I tried electric fences and netting over the plants. I placed some next to my bedroom door and left it open at night. At two in the morning my dogs started barking and woke me. I took a tiny little pen light and went outside to see what was up. About twenty feet away was a buck, nice rack, bedded down in the grass. I shone the light at his eyes and walked toward him to scare him off. He didnt move so when I was maybe 5 feet away I tossed a little pebble at his shoulder. He just looked at it where it hit him and didnt move. I walked right up to him and dropped a larger stone on his shoulder and he got up, turned in a circle and lay back down at my feet. Mind you, this is a wild antlered deer. I finally walked over and kicked him in the butt. He got up quickly this time, and stumbled off down the hill. Next morning I saw where he pawed down the screen and avoided the electric shock mats and ate a good chunk of bud and leaf. Of course he was back the next night with a herd of 5 or 6 buddies.
  3. medicalbud

    medicalbud Member

    Even the deer knows weed is good for you.
  4. wonderboy

    wonderboy the secret of your power!

    shit dude thats fucking amazing
  5. The Bunny

    The Bunny Member

    hahahahahah I love it!! Greedy Ass Dear!!
  6. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    now how do you keep grasshoppers off em?
  7. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    Hoppers are tough but not impossible.
    I recommenmd 2 lines of defense.
    One is netting that covers your entire plant. It needs to cover the plant and go down to the ground and get achored in a way the hoppers can't crawl underneath.
    Second is a biological control. You'll need to look around for this but it's packet of something and when the hopper eats it they die. It like infects them with something that's deadly only to grasshoppers.
    You should be able to get both of these controls from a large plant nursery.
  8. coyote1313

    coyote1313 Member

    I found deer fence works OK I have had more probs with rats and rabbets for that I use grape tubes and tangle foot
  9. coyote1313

    coyote1313 Member

    rangerdanger is right, in many respects deers are much like horses, and like horses they dont like steeping on weird shit that moves. another thing deer dont like is going into in closed places, If you can make the run up to your patch tight with no room to run with lots of overhanging branches where cats can lurk so much the better.
    I would use deer fence augmented by dangers tubes. If you use deer fence
    put it at least 10 feet from your plants, if the deer cant get close it is not as tempting. also spay paint the fence before you unroll it. its highly reflective and can be seen from along way off if your up in a chopper.
    If you have a well behaved dog bring him along(a dog that dose not bark run off or dig up plants)
    I have also herd deer dont like the sent of Irish spring soap and I have here you can mix paprika and olive oil spray it on the sun leaves. I have never had to go this far. But none of these measures will stop a bear or a pig.
  10. coyote1313

    coyote1313 Member

    Olddude, probably one of your neighbor have been feeding that deer
    or he was in the rut. be careful in north America more people are killed by deer then any other wild animal
  11. slangshot1

    slangshot1 Member

    pee on em or sprinkle hair aroudn that shit like in a movie i saw
  12. fishheadbob

    fishheadbob Member

  13. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    If you saw a movie that suggested people pee on their plants it was an anti-pot movie.
    If you pee on a young plant you might kill it.
    However, peeing NEAR a plant may keep deer away, especially if they're just 'browsing'.
    Much better than human pee is dog pee and especially dog shit.
    Feed your dogs lots of meat the night before/morning of your trip to the garden and bring him along. While there, feed him a bran muffin. Works on dogs as good as it works on people. The deer can tell the animal that made that shit is a carnivore and will tend to avoid it.

    Hair and soap: don't just scatter it around, that won't help. With hair, ask your barber to save a few days clippings for you. Make little bundles of it and attach these to the ends of branches. If a deer bites into that it won't take a 2nd bite. You can do the same thing with slivers of soap (any brand).
  14. Scorpius

    Scorpius Member

    Olddude that was ignorant to kick and throw shit at that deer im glad he got his "buddies" to eat your shit.-
  15. Crazy_P

    Crazy_P Member

    It was a pebble. What's wrong with shooing a deer away from your crops?
  16. the deer didn't move because it was too stoned. that's fucking hilarious. if a deer ever ate my grow i would stick my 45 in it's mout and feed it some lead.
  17. NJgrower187

    NJgrower187 Banned

    Dude if i like deer more than your crop theres gotta be something wrong.

  18. smokin24-7

    smokin24-7 Member

    f*** that shoot that mother fu**** then u get to save your crop and git some venisin 2 for the price of one hell ya bet they wont come back if u leave ther buddy head on the ground hahaah
  19. Anyone ever used, Coyote, wolf, or fox urine around their plants to keep small critters away?
    I guess you'd have to know the the local animal population and choose the right one
  20. FeSTel2

    FeSTel2 Member

    i used 2 bars of irish spring, 4' black nylon netting and palllets/stakes.... so far not 1 single pest... i also enclosed my area with cut trees for camo but it doubles as animal protection... been great so far.. alrdy harvested lowryder2's aprox 12-13 grams a plant dried... killlller, used 2.21 gal pots.... perfect combo

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