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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by slewsbury, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. slewsbury

    slewsbury Member

    What is the best all around bud in amsterdam, and do you think it is always consistent when you go?


    Best bud I've ever had is in England, by far.!
    I could really get into this argument btw, but thats another story.
  3. JO420

    JO420 Member

    NYC Diesel, ive tried many many strains while living here the last 9 months and NYC is my hands down favorite, great taste,great effect and reasonably priced
  4. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    I'm 100% with you on that advice!!! Most superbly unique weed so far, unparallelled taste and what a WONDERFUL high! I was just a smilin' :) Another good strain that seems to be consistent is Amnesia Haze... GREAT stuff.

  5. Shiny J

    Shiny J Member

    Nemisis man I wish had your sources - I struggle in London to get anything decent on a consistent basis; I guess there's too much fecking demand here. I'll have to start growing it myself.

    I'm right up with the recommendation of NYCD btw; a great high and the best tasting weed I have EVER had. I'm sure I picked up a 'super' NYCD at Tweede Kamer when I was there in January - anyone else had it? I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I have little recollection of it....


    Without getting too much into this debate, A'dam bud is great, best of all the choice, etc. Consistency can waver a bit and quite a bit of it is mass produced for profit turnover and some of it gets shaken, cured too fast or not flushed well. Now, don't get me wrong, there is some great bud in A'dam but it can be a hit or miss affair. Some of it is strong but it's the sort of strong that can get you paranoid and feel uncomfortable and tastes different, ie, pumped with chemical grow boosters to produce more bud which equals more profit. You can certainly get fucked on some A'dam grass but out of all the years I've been smoking weed the best feeling from grass I've ever had was from UK stuff. Sometimes it can go like that, a batch of weed will be around or some killer hash will be available and the dealers here don't like selling inferior stuff or touch it with a barge pole and as a result you only get the good stuff. Another thing that occurs is that I can easily smoke a gram in a sitting in A'dam but sometimes a gram here in the UK can lasts days. Anyway, enough of my rant, A'dam is top and I'll still keep going and there is some good bud there, you just got to know where to go, what to look for and be lucky, personally I like the paranoid free grass myself, none of this heavy eyed, couch lock stuff that leaves you unmotivated, nonchalant and brain dead, but thats just my personal choice. (organic sativas for me given the choice, but I've not always got that choice though.)
    What does everyone else think about A'dam grass compared to what you can get.?
  7. JO420

    JO420 Member

    Well compared to what i used to smoke back in the states prior to moving to Amsterdam its a huge huge improvement,although in Texas mostly what you found is dirt weed from mexico from time to time you could run into some Kind Bud which is what we call the high quality stuff.

    And yes Amsterdam Bud is hit or miss,ive had people who i know here buy some real shit,i mean compacted into a brick and called Jamaican, but it all comes down to researching and finding out who are respectable dealers and buying off them,aside from Cental Station Coffeeshop i mostly avoid all the coffeeshops in that area, my main haunts are Grey Area, Dampkring, Tweede Kamer and Barneys. Always quality from them.


    Yes, I didn't really want to get into all this argument again about A'dam weed but nevertheless it is an issue for me and many people who I know. I agree with you jo420, it does make a difference where you get your weed from and it really can be a hit or miss affair, I know that only too well through personal experience. I don't want to keep banging on about this topic but all I wanted to say was that on the whole some of the best weed I've ever had in my life was scored in the UK, but then again I've scored some of the worse. No real difference to A'dam as such but the thing is with A'dam, there is a large proportion that is just mediocre everywhere, that's what I'm trying to say I suppose. You gotta be in the right place at the right time and If you stick to the better coffeeshops and avoid the tourist ones you have a better chance in getting a good score.
    Sorry for harping on about this again everyone.

    The World Cup football starts today and I wish all countries best of luck.
  9. PlasticFace

    PlasticFace Member

    White Widow always seems to do the job.
  10. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    Go to Virginia and find some real 4-way. Best in the world. Thoses that don't agree have never had true Fairfax 4-way.
    You Californian's can keep your opinions about 4-way's origins to your crack-headed selves.

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