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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by crazytrain341, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. crazytrain341

    crazytrain341 Members

    Guys and gals, can we please talk about something relevant?

    Best bare breasts in an A-list movie, none of this semi-porn, underground . unknown stuff.

    My vote is 1982 Conan the Barbarian

    Beautiful natural breasts, light bondage, swords, muscles, violence and Arnie ... what more can you ask for?
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  2. Barry Mandelay

    Barry Mandelay Members

    Bo Derrick in "10" and "Bolero" (these may be classified as "B" movies but they cast A-list actors in them)
    Gwyneth Paltrow in "Shakespeare In Love" (Movie won 7 Oscars)
    Halle Berry in "Monsters Ball" (Should have won an Oscar for her orgasm)
    Kate Winslet in "Titanic"
    Kim Basinger in "The Getaway"
    Brigitte Bardot in "Ms. Don Juan" (It was only one breast floating out of a bathtub but it was 1973 also)
    Julie Andrews (Yes, none other than Mary Poppins herself) in "SOB"

    There's hundreds more but I'll let others chime in with their great movie memories.
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  3. buzzgunner

    buzzgunner 180 grains of diplomacy Lifetime Supporter

    We can debate whether these are "A-List" shows or not, but here's my list:

    Tanya Roberts in "The Beastmaster".
    Shannon Tweed in "Hot Dog: The Movie".
    Dakota Johnson in "Fifty Shades of Gray".
    Demi Moore in "Striptease"
    Elizabeth Berkley in "Showgirls".
    Jamie Lee Curtis in "Trading Places".
    Jennifer Connelly in "Mulholland Falls".
    Jennifer Lawrence in "Red Sparrow"
    Julie Warner in "Doc Hollywood".
    Kelly McGillis in "Witness"
    Malin Akerman in "Watchmen".
    Margot Robbie in "The Wolf of Wall Street".
    Nathalie Emmanuel in "Game of Thrones" (not a movie, I know, but...)
    Phoebe Cates in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"
    Rebecca De Mornay in "Risky Business"
    Valérie Quennessen in "Summer Lovers"
    Monique Gabrielle in "Bachelor Party".
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  4. crazytrain341

    crazytrain341 Members

    Good ones guys!

    Can we add tags or categories to nude breasts in movies? Like best natural, best jiggly, best A/B/C/D, best variety etc...

    Conan the Barbarian gets best variety, I count 5 instances of bare breasts, one with light bondage.

    American Pie - Thora Birch as Jane = best Goth tits, Mena Suvari as Angela = best natural

    Excalibur - Scene where King Uther takes Lord Cornwalls wife = best HOT HOT HOT, scene where Morgana seduces her own brother = best incest tits
  5. buzzgunner

    buzzgunner 180 grains of diplomacy Lifetime Supporter

    I thought "best incest tits" would go to Lena Headey in "Game of Thrones" every time she fucks her brother!
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  6. lostinitall

    lostinitall Members

    Just watched Striptease again the other night on Netflix.... Demi was pretty Banging... I also love Selma Hayek in Desperado thems two are just off the top-o-my-head without thinkin on it to much
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