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Discussion in 'Canada' started by FNA, Jan 27, 2005.

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    I recently recieved an e-mail from a person in St. Catherines. It was a petition against the making of the Paul Bernardo movie. Here is that person's argument:

    I'm writing this letter as a young aspiring filmmaker and a concerned Canadian. I totally understand the struggle of my fellow tradesmen when it comes to finding a great original idea. The whole
    point, from a business aspect, is to come up with a script that
    will sell.
    From an artistic standpoint, you want something that will
    intrigue the audience as well.
    I have to say though, in the following case, I'm not torn in
    the least as to what the right thing to do is.
    I just heard today that there is a film being made about
    the Bernardo murders. When I heard this, I was shocked to say
    the least.
    The idea of making a film about something so real, so recent
    and so close to home, just didn't seem right to me. I feel that
    it's exploitation at it's lowest and it sickens me to think that
    something so horrible could be commercialized.
    When I heard that Jason Priestly was hoping to land the role
    of Bernardo, it really struck a nerve. What has happened to this
    country and our sense of decency for which we are known world wide?
    It seems that it's now taking a backseat to capitalism, in
    which case I dread to think where we're heading. The very idea
    demeans what we as a country are the eyes of the world and in our own
    sense of national identity this is not what we are about.
    I haven't spoken to anyone, since word came out about this
    movie, who doesn't share my sentiments. Everyone seems to think
    that sensationalizing such a disgusting crime, that happened in our own
    country, is a terrible thing to do. I would never support such a endeavour, and I ask now for your support in mine. We as Canadians, and concerned
    citizens, should speak out against this kind of exploitation and support the
    families of the victims in their attempt to stop this film from
    Please give your show of support and lets send a message to
    these producers that this is a bad idea. Sign this boycott of
    their film,and if you're the 100th person to sign it, please send it
    back to me so I can amalgamate our efforts.
    > >>> >
    > >>> > Let's be decent - let's be Canadian.
    > >>> >
    > >>> >
    > >>> > NOTE: The parents of the two teenage girls that were
    > >>> > victims of sexual assault and murdered have been trying to
    > >>>prevent this film from being made. Let's see what protest we can
    > >>>support them in their efforts. Let's keep this petition moving
    right along

    And this is my argument:

    I think this movie should be made, but it shouldn't be treated as
    another blow-off hollywood flick. It should be done right. People should know
    how awful a crime was commited, and when the movie is made (cause it ain't gonna be stopped) it should serve to disgust the viewer. What this
    petition should be for is to ensure that the story isn't exploited, but told in
    its entirety and stay true to the gruesome reality that this happened,
    these things happen, and that it is wrong. You must realize that everything takes a back seat to capitalism, and we are headed nowhere good. But when do you think the last time hollywood listened to a petition was? If you want to make a difference it has to be positive (DO's not DON'T's), appeal to the filmmaker in a way that serves both interests, like the way I described. I dn't think that just because this movie is being made that it's automatically explitation. It's a story that is told again and again, you here it from your neighbours, the local newspapers, the news stations, what is the difference between that and a movie? Do anyone ever petition against reporting on this story? No, because the people have a right to know, everyone has to know what happened, so that no one will forget.

    What do you think?
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    Am I to take it that no Canadians present have any strong feelings about this movie being made? The author of the petition seems to claim quite the opposite.
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    I tried the link, but it's no longer working. I was in St.Kitts when the girls was a horrendous nightmare from day one.

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    I don't see why it shouldn't be made...and you know, blockbuster movies are the ones that reach the biggest audiences. There are lots of movies about other really horrible killings...why should this one be any different? And why shouldn't it be discussed and talked about? Just because they're going to make it into a movie (hopefully) doesn't mean it will be exploited. I think it will be interesting to see.

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