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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by saffronfrancisburnet, Jan 15, 2005.

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    for all, those alive and beyond our vision......

    blindfold the fool ,within
    the body whole concrete...
    believe ,in what you
    for tomorrow the rays will come.
    not a soul can compare the feelings.
    only long to be ,not judged.
    for you are what you believe in
    other wise ,be shallow,be fooled...

    rest sweet eyes wide open.
    within the rays we dance.
    so burn or not ,beieve in.
    yourself for who else will.......
    the human hand that reaches,
    the eyes that hold your gaze.
    the mind that interrupts your thoughts,
    the love that comes flowing your way.

    dont follow the paths,you know.
    dont allow the tears to fall,
    without reason.
    hold body close to the soul,
    for life is lived each day.....
    go forward we are one,a whole
    world full of desire.
    to live in peace ,fond memories
    to remember in our,winter days.......

    thank you
    from saff

    be whole before the winter call
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    i think that was beautiful

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