Beliefs as chains or platforms?

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Living Corpse, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Living Corpse

    Living Corpse Member

    Are beliefs bad? It can be established that beliefs can create or atleast flavor what we experience. But in the end, are they bad? Can they be tools that help us navigate the world, or are they simply a prison, whether it is a prison of someone else's creation, or of our own.

    Is it possible to live without beliefs?

    also cocks
  2. xexon

    xexon Destroyer Of Worlds

    Attraction is the biggest problem.

    You go through life attaching things to your idea of self. You wear these attachments like clothes, to give yourself an identity.

    Something like a "Christian", or any label, gives you identity for the day. But that can do a 180 in the blink of an eye. Because belief is fluid. It's only solid for the while.

    Religion and such must be used as booster rockets to gain altitude, then discard them, so that you can continue on their momentum to the next level.

    Slingshot effect. No need to carry the empty tanks with you.

    To know God, you must let go of all that you believe. The soul must arrive naked at the gates to enter the kingdom.

  3. Beliefs are delusions.
  4. Tsurugi_Oni

    Tsurugi_Oni Member

    You have to have beliefs to be able to navigate through life. If you couldn't have faith in any belief, than you wouldn't be able to manifest thoughts into physical reality and experience them.
    But belief should never stop your from pure experience. Pure experience of any spiritual truth (love, connection God/universe/others) requires no belief, but are pure being. If your beliefs put a limit on your experience than you should definately take an honest look at ur beliefs (if you do, you'll eventually find truth).
  5. yumyum2k5

    yumyum2k5 Member

    Beliefs are not bad.

    Faith is really how you start your journey into evolving your own soul.

    When somebody has been conscripted into a Faith or a religion from birth and are merely following rather than 'believing' anything.....Thats not a platform.....thems chains!

    Look at the seven heavenly virtues from the Christian faith. After reading about those I really fail to see how anybody can think beliefs are bad. If everyone lived by the seven heavenly virtues the world would be at peace.
  6. xexon

    xexon Destroyer Of Worlds

    Everybody starts with faith. Those who complete the journey have no further need of it.

    The mind is no longer tied to five senses. As a result, it doen't have to depend on information gleaned through them and held in the mind as a belief.

    You just "know" things without the usual intellectual processes. You go around them.

    Remember, your spirit is consciousness. It doesn't need a brain.

    The idea is to get back to that state of direct perception as opposed to a life of evidence and belief.


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