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Discussion in 'Yoga and Meditation' started by stranger, Jan 13, 2005.

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    what is yoga like? what benefits do you get, are they quick to show? where would you suggest a beginner begin doing it? get a good book, if so what book? or maybe you guys know a site that would show me beginner exercises to see if im truely gonna dig it? or should i take a class?
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    i guess i should mention i am interested because of a book i saw in a catalog, that said something about breaking up blocks and allowing energy to flow, thus relaxing you, and living a happier life, which i would love, so the main purpose is calming my mind and body to live a happier life, perhaps there is a specific type of yoga that is for this purpose?
  3. take a yoga class.

    give yourself atleast 5 classes before you decide if you want to continue doing it or not.

    A class is definately the way to go.
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    Yoga is basically a form of exercise. It makes your body flexable. It has been seen in the west as something "eastern" and spiritual. This I think is a misrepresentation of it. It is good for you though just as is every form of exercise. It releases tension and helps you forget your worries. It is definately worth a go... if you start doing it often i am sure you will get a lot out of it! Good luck with your downward dogs!!
  5. You can take Yoga as far as you would like. For some it is just a form of physical exercise that makes your body flexible.

    At its roots though, it is 100% spiritual. The spiritual dimensions of yoga cannot be denied if you look at it historically or philosophically.

    Hatha (physical) yoga prepares the body for the spirit and increases focus, awareness, and concentration of the mind.

    I consider yoga to be a scientific method and path towards spirituality.
  6. And if you just want to be flexible and toned up... its definately great for that too!

    You can take it as far or as little as you would like into the spiritual aspects.


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