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  1. ok, so i'm really really confused as to how i want my room to look. I moved back home from college for good...student teaching in the fall. I need ideas...i want a spiritual theme, classy, and creative if it's possible! Any sites to go to to buy fun stuff? Any ideas? Any crafts? ETC:) thanks for all the help! LUVS
  2. JamminOTR

    JamminOTR Member

    door beads
    lava lamps (goooo)
    show posters if you've got em?
    art work, yours, your favorite artists, whatever (I have a lot of Escher and Dali up next to my bed, fractals too, and crop circles, all good:) )
    pics of your favorite band
    whatever you want!!!!
  3. Enonemouse

    Enonemouse Happy Wanderer

    A curtian made of net or anything really sheer over your head of the bed. Two ways to do it.

    Option One:

    Get two poles and supend them from the ceiling above the bed. One right at the head of the bed and another about a meter to meter and a half further down the bed. (depends on how long the bed is and how far up the bed you want your canopy). They need to be as wide as your bed and suspend using chains at either end. Now like a curtain sort of connect it to the pole in the middle of the bed. leave a sort of drapy bit between it and the next pole tack it to the next pole lightly then let it hang down the back of the bed to behind the headboard (or bed if you don't have a headboard).

    Option Two: (this is a bit trickier)

    Get a pole about a 70cm long and fix it by one end sticking out above the bed in the center so it sticks out above the headboard area. Now again take you fabric and find the center of it you will need loadsof fabric for this to look good. Gather the fabric up in the center until it is as wide as the pole and fix it onto the pole. (you could also sew in a loop sort of thing and feed it onto the pole like a curtain). Then drape the curtains down and back to either side of the bed and using something to fix them to the wall preferably a tie of some sort so you can easily adjust the curtain. Also on the front end of the pole you can put something wonderful like one of those big butterflys your mean to stick on the wall outside or something or just a plain wooden ball anything you like to finish it off really.

    I can see all this in my mind but I am not too sure I have been able to describe it to you very well. Sorry.

    Another nice way to have a very calming and wonderful room is candles and incense.

    Love & Good Luck
  4. Thanks you two for the great ideas!!! You both are wonderful. The directions enonemouse that you gave are great! Thanks again for sharing you guys:) HUGS
  5. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    i have a fairy/forest/mystical theme (sort of) going on in my bedroom at the moment. i hung fake vines all over (i'd use real ones if i could!) and have hung pleasantly coloured christmas lights in fun patterns.

    paint the walls if you can, a nice purple or blue sounds like it would fit your theme. how about some long, whispey white curtains for in front of your window? i had some in my old room, just long thin white material that let in light from outside and would billow when the window was open.

    lighting is key, it totally sets the mood of the room. i hate overhead lighting. instead i have funky lamps and little lights all over the place.

    just some ideas. you gotta do what you feel!

  6. well.. my room is in the attic.. and my dad put a closet and entertainment center right in the middle so now the whole room is divided into 2 rooms... a lounge and my sleeping area...

    well my bed room is painted tan... and everything is earthy and natural..

    my lounge on the other hand is bright yellow.. its like a 60s pop room sorta.. bright colors.. lava lamps.. candles... i got a funky set of beaded curtains.. everything is burstin with color, it makes ya dizzy
  7. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    Heres what you do... Anchor ropes all across the room, like a giant spider web with different levels, and you could put pillows all around and stuff, and you could climb everywhere like spider man, and have a big pole going right from the ceiling to the floor, like a fire pole. I think everyone should have a room like that.
  8. Soyvegano

    Soyvegano Member

    maybe some inces or some aromic oil then at least the room will smell nice
  9. oh yeah man incense rock!! i got em all over my room... yummmyy
  10. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    Look on Ebay. I found some really cool purple curtains with silver designs on there for like $3.
  11. wow some more awesome and amazing ideas! Thanks guys you've got my creative juices flowing;) yay i still am loving to hear....I think i will check out ebay asap! I wish one of you were here to help:eek: hehe Well thanks for the ideas anymore are certainly welcome!!!!! HUGS
  12. RetroGroove_Grrl

    RetroGroove_Grrl I'm a big girl now

    what about some big beautiful floor pillows with seqiuns and tassels, you know for a middle eastern feel...hang up some sarongs or tye dyed fabrics on your wall

    plants are good for your well being, good for a bedroom
  13. Yeah, for my boyfriend and my bedroom, I decided to go with a really relaxing blue and purple color theme. I have trouble sleeping alot of the time, so I thought with a more relaxing decor, maybe it would help me. I made some long whispy curtains with purple fringe beads on the bottom.... and I have a huge purple tapestry hanging on the wall over our bed, and then he put this purple and white mexican blanket layed out on the floor, with big pillows at the top, where the wall is.... for a kind of meditating area.
    I still have alot more work to do in there to get everything more relaxed. My boyfriend is a somewhat cluttery decorator, so I told him he can have the rest of the house if he lets me do our bedroom... But I'm still working on it.
  14. KoreDemeter

    KoreDemeter Member

    I went with an earthy calming feel for my room.
    The walls are painted sky blue with white clouds sponged on. (The carpet is green because of a previous redecorating effort from my older sister.) I've got wind chimes, dried flowers, laterns, wreathes, and some pieces of muslin that I tie-dyed to look like the outdoors hanging all over.

    LOL, Enonemouse! I'm sure that your curtains are gorgeous!!! I feel retarded when I say that mine are stuck into my ceiling with thumbtacks. (I just used an old bellydancing veil) :p

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