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Discussion in 'Home Decor and Household Tips' started by luckyros, Mar 14, 2008.

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    i am getting married soon and thus renovating my bedroom. i want to make my room more decorative but i am confused as to where all this will come. i want to keep my bedroom, will have a computer table, cupboard will be full for one wall, dressing table and some place to adjust chairs for the guests.

    please advice me as to where i should keep things.
  2. the only advice i can give is to not have all your furniture around the perimeter of your room, it looks wierd and makes your room seem like it's v. small and you haven't got any space or functionality. i have my bed, dresser and chest of frawers around the perimeter, but then i have a beenbag chair and a little table in the middle of my room so it looks more like a livable room. try getting stackable chairs for when guests come, and you can find a hollow ottoman or something to put them inside when no one is around.
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    Just a question....Why would you need chairs for guests? Why would people be sittin around in your bedroom? That is your special space. I love to decorate, I have a bed(1 wall)w/bedside tables that don't match, lamps that are different(more artistic feel), I have a dresser(1 wall)w/ a dressin screen in corner, then a bench/storage at the foot of bed. The idea for the bedroom is to keep it cludder free so you can relax and go to sleep or add candles, basket w/lotions,oils for massages for a romantic feel. If you make it too busy your mind won't loosen up, relax and drift off into a peaceful sleep. Would love to hear what types of things you like and I might have some better ideas for you.
    Blessings and Congrats on the up and comin marriage,
  4. I don't have room anywhere else so I usually have friends over in my bedroom. It's that or the kitchen. Uhm I'm a big beleiver in no tv in the bedroom - kills the romance. Maybe paint the walls a rich dark colour like chocolate brown or deep mauve. Hang some romantic paintings, make sure you have a nice fluffy rug if you haven't got carpet in there - getting out of bed and onto a cold wood floor sucks! And I def. agree with hippy@heart on the candles and lotions <-- v.v.v.v. important :) Congrats!
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    Dont put PC in your bedroom, it must be clean and spacious. just put a music system, in a beautiful designed corner, a small light hanging lamp with pink light. behind your bed, apply some matching cloth curtains or beats curtain. and if your room is enough spacious then have a small sofa in that where new couple may have coffee and some wine ;-)
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    why don't put a PC in the bedroom,you can make music system your PC,


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