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Discussion in 'The Environment' started by the_culture2003, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Hello everyone, and let me thankyou for taking the time to read this thread. I just got off the Appalachain Trail. For those that dont know what this is let me share some of the finer details with you. The AT is a 2175 mile trail that stretches from the middle of Maine to the Top of Georgia. I spent 5 1/2 months in the wilderness contemplating life and a search for the answers to some of lifes most foreboding questions. I found alot of things out there, many anwsers to questions that have bothered me for many years. Something most interesting happened when I stopped looking for anwsers out there and started listening. I was in West Virginia amidst storm clouds that produced the echoes of the gods so vividly that I felt the whole world shake. I was underneath my tarp, listening to the rain fall and the thunder crash when a realization hit me. Not one of the small ones like figuring out why your car wont start, but a big one. I would like to share this with you now. Life to me is chaotic at best, two forces eternally crashing into each other trying to gain the upper hand. Whether it be good and evil, Happiness and Sadness. It is unavoidable there will always be confliction and to think that you can change this is mere fantasy. Look at the world today, countries are being laid to waste by tyrranical dictators, nations being consumed by the power of nature, America in the hands of a mentally challenged president. All these things are of global issues, not a group of millions would be able to put a dent in the disorder that are beautiful earth is suffering from. Yet amidst the strom I came to realize something. We strive so hard to change things from within the disorder of maddening chaos yet as hard as we try it will remain futile. A massive Thunderstorm comes, it brings floods, devastation to personal belongings and even death to a few unfortunates yet from this chaos stems life and hope. Where once flooded plains stood now are flush county sides teaming with life, where buildings crumbles you see are fellow men working together for a greater cause,,, the survival of the human seed. I know this must make little to no sense to many, but what I am trying to say is that from chaos comes order and from order comes hope and from hope comes life. While I was sitting in this storm I came to realize that although the world is overflowing with stife of so many forms, that if you can change the way you see it and live a life in chaos that is full and meaningful then the chaos will have no hold on you. For things will happen as they always have, life is a neverending circle bringing us back to certain points just at different times. At some point maybe we all will began to realize that the only way to change the world we live in is to change the state of mind that you are in. I have preached enough, I hope that someone can decipher some meaning from this. I got all of this from one night amidst chaos in nature. I no longer refer to the material engulfed society which we unfortunately live as the real world. For I found the real world, and I urge others to strive to find it to...

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    nature is a wonderful teacher
  3. Next time, the_culture2003, use multiple paragraphs!!
  4. That was wonderful. Thank you for sharing such an amazing awakening with all of us.
  5. kayy

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    thank you sharing this. It's wonderful to get this wisdom...
    When is the best time to go there? I'm in Europe now, but plan to come to the states in august. About the practical side, what is important to think of, bring etc? Thank you for your help

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