Beautiful weather :D

Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by Woodpoppies, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Woodpoppies

    Woodpoppies Member

    Wow today is beautiful over here in Pa/NJ lol
    It snowed a few days ago and now it is all melted and its in the 50s!!
    Great barefootin weather!!

    How is the weather where you are all from?
  2. deadguy

    deadguy Member

    Snow but it's melting, the sun's out. Hopefully it'll stay that way. I'm not a fan of snow.

    Too cold for barefooting IMO. Glad to hear you're lovely tootsies are dancing! :)
  3. Woodpoppies

    Woodpoppies Member

    LOL!! yah I dislike the snow as well it is not a lovely feeling when barefoot.
  4. ganesha1967

    ganesha1967 barefoot bellybearer

    Just like the Inuit have 77 different words for snow, there are quite many barefoot feelings, when snowfooting, as well...

    Snow isn't just snow... there is that freshly fallen fluffy stuff, that feels almost dry at first under your sole, then gets packed and compressed by your weight...

    then the already compact packed snow, which make that crunching sound, when stepping on it...

    and when snow melts, e.g. on grass, you have that snow/slush mix, that feels on your toes like a frozen drink feels on your tongue, with cool water turning the earth underfoot to mud...

    There is one common quality to all of these states of snow - cold temperatures. That makes snowfooting a short-time event, really.

    About the OP, I must say, that I am yearning for temperatures in the 50s - over here, we still have the 40s as the mildest temperatures so far, and according to local weather forecasts, we are heading towards another cold spell after a realtively mild day tomorrow, with predicted high temperatures of 45F dropping to 24F within a week...

    Slim chances for permanent barefooting, I'm afraid.

    Wiggling toes, waiting for Spring,

  5. bfjohn

    bfjohn Member

    I can't do snow, except for a few minutes...
  6. yeah, it was really nice here in nc too, especially after
    all the weather in the 20's, teens, even 8 degrees in
    ashville. but went up to 50's some last week, so got
    back to going barefoot to classes and around town.
  7. Cool Spruce

    Cool Spruce Member

    I now have 40 inches of snow in my back yard! I cannot even walk in that, let alone bare foot. We have reached a warmer part of the winter, though, and it's no longer the deep freeze, so it's shorts and snowshoes.

    I do barefoot in the snow for the short durations others describe, but in April, the remaining snow is easy to bare foot in for long durations. If the sun is out, April here is like the high alpine climates in summer. Snow is here, there, but not quite everywhere. I must cross snowfields repeatedly in doing my work, and it just feels awesome. I will see if I can find pics. I took a 6 mile hike last April, barefoot and in shorter shorts, and there was bare ground just often enough to give me the occasional relief. I love those times.
  8. Andy Panda

    Andy Panda Member

    Absolutely beautiful-6am here in LV and already about 60 degrees...gonna hook up with a friend someday soon for a nude hike...nothing so glamorous today, tho, just bathing kitties and enjoying the sun wearing as little as possible
  9. mrpwonder

    mrpwonder Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Been really nice here too. Lots of barefooting now:)
  10. caliente

    caliente Senior Member

    It was in the upper 80's here. I got in some nude sunbathing in the back yard. Gonna fill the pool this weekend.
  11. Booga

    Booga Member

    Here in the Valley, it reached the mid-eighties (which is odd, since it's usually about ten degrees hotter here than in Tucson). I wanted very badly to go barefooting around Old Town Scottsdale, but it was Ash Wednesday, so I decided to abstain. From a Catholic point of view, barefooting only wins you points with the Almighty if it mortifies your flesh, that is, if you don't enjoy it. If you happen to like going barefoot, you're better off doing the opposite. Since I don't know where to find actual hair shoes, I had to settle for my New Balance trainers, and hope they'd be mortifying enough.
  12. caliente

    caliente Senior Member

    Yah, you don't want to have too much fun .. lol

    I think the official Tucson temp was 83, but it's a few degrees warmer where I live.

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