Bead Swap?

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by knotty rye, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. knotty rye

    knotty rye Member

    Is anybody interested in doing one of these?
    Did this already happen?
  2. im totaly interested! i love making beads for my hair, with femo,i would love to share.
  3. Slang

    Slang Banned

    I'm down :D
    I use super sculpey clay for mine
  4. me tooo! that stuff is awsome. so how will this work? who will start off?
  5. sped

    sped Member

    Hey I just started making some this week, gee polymer clay is pricey. I saw a site someone had posted up here with their beads that really inspired me. Any idea what the link was..?
  6. Yakima

    Yakima Member

    This sounds like a great idea! I'm in! :)
    I use to make beads in clay. When it's burned in oven it turns into plastic.
    Hopefully shipping won't be a problem...
  7. knotty rye

    knotty rye Member

    i have no idea how to make beads, i just thought it would be a fun idea! what kind of polymer should i get, and are there any good tutorials you guys know?
  8. Slang

    Slang Banned

    It's not hard, you don't really need a tutorial. You just shape the clay to whatever you want it to be, poke a hole though (with something hollow like a straw is the easiest) and voila. Of course you then have to bake the clay, the instructions for that are usually on the packaging. As for what kind though: polymer clay is expensive, awesome looking but expensive. I went out to get some not too long ago, they wanted 8 bucks for one little package - of ONE color. blah. SO! An alternative to colored clay: paint it! Go to a craft store and look for some plain oven-bake clay. :p

    I make some weird shit, just so everyone knows. lol I have an eyeball bead I've yet to paint, and a little 'shrunken head' ( which I normally make for necklaces and bracelets, but hey - why not dreads too :p ) pictures! Come on guys, let's have some pictures! [​IMG]

    lil green head :D

    Peace, Love, and Happiness =)
  9. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

    fimo and sculpy are fairly cheep...
  10. KungFuKelly

    KungFuKelly Member

    You guys inspired me. I haven't worked with clay since high school, so this got me thinking... I've been looking everywhere for some cool beads and have come up with nothing, so why not make them myself. Seems fairly simple enough. So I went to the craft store, bought some Sculpey in white, hot pink & candy apple and voila, I've made some pretty snazzy beads... These pics are pre-baking.

  11. Slang

    Slang Banned

    Ooh, nice. Those're cool, nice choice of colors =D
  12. bunjies

    bunjies Member

    ooooh i like those! they're purty :D
    if i make some can i play too?
  13. who wants to start?
  14. KungFuKelly

    KungFuKelly Member

    I'm down. I just bought some more colors, including Blue & Yellow so I can make me some Buffalo Sabres beads! I can't wait to make more.
  15. knotty rye

    knotty rye Member

    i'm going to order some on ebay!
    polymer that is.
  16. Slang

    Slang Banned

    Gotta make some for trading before I start though, don't have any yet :eek:
  17. tomray666

    tomray666 Member

    Hey, how do i go about making beads? Live in Uk and wouldnt mind the odd bead nestled inbetween my dreads somewhere. I should also b posting some pics so as i feel my hair is slowly starting to come along. Just waiting for some of that accelator spray to arrive.
  18. KyndMama07

    KyndMama07 Member

    wow slang, the one you have that's blue with the white peace sign i have made the same one. same colors, same shape...everything. lol
  19. Slang

    Slang Banned

    Haha, that's funny :D
    Strange as well, but pretty cool
  20. happiehippie

    happiehippie Member

    hi guys, is this still going? [​IMG]I'd love to swap 'pretties' (that's what I like to call dread beads ect). Even if you don't make your own, buy them. We don't all live in the same country so I'm sure you all have different beads. What I think is boring may be fantasic on the other side of the world! Being able to wear something in your dreads from a stranger is a fantastic idea. Anyone interested? [​IMG]

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