be more generous with your shit

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by cynthy160, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. cynthy160

    cynthy160 Senior Member

    Everyone always says that they don't give a shit. Many say frequently that they are going to take a shit. Sometimes people will say that they can't take the shit anymore, but even that's not giving shit.

    So please, everyone. Be more generous. Give some shit away to others at least occasionally.
  2. jaredfelix

    jaredfelix Namaste ॐ

    I'm already to generous. I need to start keeping more shit for myself...
  3. def zeppelin

    def zeppelin All connected

    I'd rather give more fucks than shits.
  4. A shit a day keeps the doctor away.
  5. IamnotaMan

    IamnotaMan I am Thor. On sabba-tickle. Still available via us

    If someone wants to be a bellend, I am happy to give them a HUGE amount of shit.
    Now do I get a prize?

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