BBC says goodbye to Neighbours?

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by J0hn, May 25, 2007.

  1. J0hn

    J0hn Phantom

    Freemantle media is apparently too expensive for the likes of the BBC. Surprised? Me too!
    The BBC tax the nation for something like 200 pound a year in the form of a tv licence. Evade it, the big boys come around, break a few legs and give you a summons. On successful prosecution, a 1000 pound fine and criminal record.

    On the plus side, this opens up a new programme slot for the BBC. Neighbours will soon be on Channel five and hopefully we should also get advanced helpings on five life.

    So what are your views on this move? Neighbours has always had a home on the BBC.
  2. phoenix_indigo

    phoenix_indigo dreadfully real

    it's Neighbours ... who cares?
  3. paulfreespirit

    paulfreespirit Senior Member

    neighbours is shite man ............goodday who gives a 4x
  4. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    Yeah I'm not bothered, Neighbours is boring anyway. Still, I'm a big fan of the BBC as a public service, and hope it finds a suitably strong programme to take its place....
  5. J0hn

    J0hn Phantom

    Maybe a tv licence text service so that we can see where our money is going. still I am quite happy with the arrangements with the big boys.Got this easy entry scheme. I do enjoy BBC channels, especially BBC3. Neighbours was never my cup of tea but it may become appealing if shown on five and then advanced showings and omnibus editions appear on fivelife:)
  6. lithium

    lithium frogboy

  7. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    Damn what was mellowthyme saying about me being Statto?[​IMG]
  8. J0hn

    J0hn Phantom

    I hope maybe they will use the slot for Mastermind or Alive and kicking?or timeshare with BBC World
  9. fountains of nay

    fountains of nay Planet Nayhem!

    I would have been bothered, but all the exciting stuff has just been shown and therefore, good storylines won't come up for another 3 or 4 months.
  10. J0hn

    J0hn Phantom

    It seems as though the BBC are now getting Neighbours for free. Five hasn't got hold of it yet, even though there was a massive sensation that the BBC admitted Freemantle were out of their price range.
  11. fountains of nay

    fountains of nay Planet Nayhem!

    Oh well... I'm not bothered at all anymore.I can't watch either slot of the programme because of work.
  12. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    I'm not bothered it is moving - atleast it is not dissapearing.
    I think it is the best ''soap'' on TV - beats all the bollocks we cobble together.
    Kudos to 5.
  13. westham

    westham Member

    :jester: more football i say.

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