BBC - "Cannabis disrupts brain center"

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Marijuana' started by PurpleGel, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. snakeyes

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    Yes, I think that regular weed smoking makes it more difficult (for me anyway) to function in normal day-to-day life, at work etc. but when I'm chugging away on a fat J at home, listening to music, watching sci-fi and eating chocolates I'm perfectly happy. I don't feel depressed or psychotic then, but on monday morning, when I have to get out of my nice warm bed and go into the office I do, so how come they say weed is bad for you. How come no-one says work is bad for you. I look out the office window, see thousands of bored people trudging around in the rain doing their jobs.....It's just miserable. If I'd rather smoke weed and chill out does that make me psychotic? This was supposed to be the future anyway. Where's all the robots to do all the work so we can just chill and smoke more weed?
  2. RastaBongKid

    RastaBongKid Member

    this thread is actually bullshit, the dude who posted it claimed to be 22 but just posted the stupidest shit, does it disrupt the brain centre... eh we know who ur workin for why dont you spread your propaganda that dun make sense to somone else?
  3. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    "this thread is actually bullshit, the dude who posted it claimed to be 22 but just posted the stupidest shit, does it disrupt the brain centre... eh we know who ur workin for why dont you spread your propaganda that dun make sense to somone else?"

    ^ hilarious.

    as far as i know, there's nothing wrong with posting a link to BBC literature. and in no way does the article reflect my views on medical marijuana; so you can hold off from attacking me personally, rastabongkid.

    this is a forum--a place for discussion. it would be a bit naive to only have pro-weed discussions, wouldn't it? besides, if the study turned out to be bogus, as Norml alluded, then what exactly is your problem?

    welcome to the FORUMS. now grow up... (and learn how to spell while you're at it).
  4. Colimon

    Colimon Cheesus Christo

    I've heard about this. I don't know what to believe on the subject. I would have to say that those tests were probably overexadgerated by a tonne. I know people that have been smoking for years on end and they aren't mental cases... I don't even think that if you could somehow get a mental disorder from cannabis, it wouldn't be all-out crazyness if you know what I mean...
  5. Moonblossom

    Moonblossom Member

    There are very few existing substances that cause disorders like that. How ever the experience of being high could trigger a genetic predisposition to it. BUt that is as likely as if it happened from the death of a loved one or tragic break up. THC does not affect the portion of the brain in which those disorders occur. Alchahol however does, and it leaves a trace and deadens the nerves.

    Its like LSD. LSD becuase of the experience, can cause reactions in people with A PREDISPOSITION to those disorders. Lsd doesnt even cause flashbacks. Although they are more recognizable, every human being experiences flashbacks from intense emotional experiences, even if they've never touched a drug.
  6. cracker531

    cracker531 Member

    I think weed causing mental illnesses is bullshit. It works wonders for my depression.

    I know you always have to weigh out the pros and cons of everything though. But I tend to focus more on the positives of weed. ;]
  7. sw0o0sh

    sw0o0sh Banned

    I get mad psychotic when I smoke weed, I get into these little mental trans where I believe everything I put into my mind. I started breathing weird and I picked up on it and thought then I was having a heart attack, damn I was so baked
  8. Jediborg

    Jediborg Member

    First, i am skeptical of the BBC, especially since it does not cite it's sources.

    also, smokindude, not all scientific studies are equal. I never take a report with face-value until i read the report myself. Many factors can give misleading results in a scientific study. This is why most scientific reports are published in peer-reviewed journals. Most of the "evidence" that is put forth regarding the dangers of marijuana does not hold up to peer review. That is, the report is "junk science"

    Soulphil makes a valid point. The only thing these tests studied was the effect of THC. They also admitted that CBD, one of the many common canabinoids in marijuana, is known to REDUCE psychotic tendencies. I doubt the increase in THC over the years is enough to seriously diminish the effects of CBD.

    Without having the sources from the news article to look at, i would regard this as complete junk science. Any government organization (which is what the BBC is) that persists the prohibition of marijuana, has an agenda to perpetuate and encourage that prohibition.

    The very wording in the article makes me think that they are taking the findings of these scientific studies out of context, consider the quote-

    "In a second study, a team from Yale University administered THC intravenously.
    Even at relatively low doses, they found 50% of healthy volunteers began to show symptoms of psychosis."
    First off, you know this study cannot be taken seriously because the THC was injected INTRAVENOUSLY, that means with a needle. This method of injection is far more dangerous, and makes the effects of THC far more extreme than any method of smoking marijuana. Also, i question the wording of "relatively" small doses. I'm sure if we were able to see what amount was administered, that this would be far more than the amount of THC found in common weed.

    What really tells me that this report is downright bogus is the following sentance:
    "We strongly urge the government to heed the growing evidence and take urgent action to warn young people that some of them are risking lifelong mental illness - that they are playing Russian roulette with their minds."

    That russian roulette with thier minds bit, i've heard that from propagandists before concerning MANY drugs (lsd, pcp THC, escacy) Its a lame quote and tells me that the person who said it is just repeating government propaganda. especially when you read who made the quote. that person is not a doctor, he's a leader of a charity. A person with absolutely no authority or respect among the phychiatric community.

    As a scientist, this kind of abuse of the scientific process pisses me off!
  9. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    If they said "may" one more time, I might have puked. What a joke.

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