BBC article Declares "A total of 184 Women will Running in Nov.

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by tkm954, Aug 8, 2018.

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    According to a Story in the BBC,Eleven Women are Running for Governor,and a Total of 174 are running for House Seats.The largest number in U.S.History.
    My question is this:Are we starting to look at Women in Politics as a normal everyday occurrence or will gender forever play a role in the way we tend to look a political leaders.
  2. McFuddy

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    We have a little ways to go before gender isn't an issue anymore, I think.
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    OP: Do you still freak out when you see a woman in politics? If not I would say it is becoming normal. Regardless if the majority is still male or the news articles with such a focus
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    shit, i pass at least 184 women running every day on my way to work. i try to tell people it's bad for the knees, but that's how women like to exercise for some reason.
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    I Have Only Recently Accepted The Fact That Women Are Allowed To Vote......:disappointed:

    As For Being Allowed To Hold A Drivers License...:screamcat:...Dear God...:screamcat:...What Were Those In Power Thinking....???..... :D

    Cheers Glen.
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    ^hit and miss

    I thought it was already a normal thing for women to be in politics.....try to remember ''politics'' isnt just those top jobs you mention in the op....

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    I'm sure I've seen him post that before. :p
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